Team Member

Jenny Arnau

Producer, EnergyNet


Jenny joined EnergyNet in June 2019 and her first day was spent flying out to Lisbon for aef 2019 – not your standard first day! She is working closely with Shiddika Mohamed and Simon Gosling to deliver exciting conferences in Latin America. Jenny holds a MSc in Political Research from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), where she did her dissertation on Government Policy and Income Inequality in Latin America.  

Despite sounding Scottish, Jenny is actually born and raised in Barcelona, being both Spanish and Scottish, which has some team members confused on how it’s possible she only spent 5 years in Scotland and 18 years in Spain, and has a Scottish accent?! Those genes run strong… She absolutely loves everything about Latin America: the countries, the food, the people and the accents. So far she’s only visited Mexico and Dominican Republic but she is eager to travel as much as possible during her time in Energynet, and is thrilled to visit Peru for the Latin American Gas Conference in November 2019.

In her spare time, she loves drawing, watching documentaries, dancing salsa and, since moving to London, she’s a big fan of Irish pubs!
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