Women and Energy and Agriculture

Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:00
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The impact of COVID-19 may cause the first recession for sub-Saharan Africa in 25 years, realising a 7% drop in agricultural production. In African communities, women conduct up to 90% of the manual labour on farms, including sowing, weeding and harvesting crops, as well as often taking responsibility for the running of farms. Without this work Africa’s agricultural sector would fail. By improving energy systems which are gender-responsive, the continent’s farming communities can realise exponential growth. New technology in farming would enable women entrepreneurs to expand these businesses, eradicate gender barriers and help rural communities flourish supporting health and education for all.


  • Scene Setting Case Study: Mbali Nwoko, the CEO of Green Terrace, a real time farmer in South Africa and successful, inspirational role model for women on the continent, will kick start the session by telling us what she needs from energy providers and where theoversights have been.
  • Which energy solutions would be appropriate for mid-scale farms.
  • What financing models are available? 
  • Where are the opportunities in sustainable off grid energy projects and micro grids?
  • How are technology providers meeting these needs?
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