Offshore Technology Africa 2022

Offshore Technology Africa Launches on the Continent

With 18950 miles of coastline, newly discovered offshore gas reserves, extensive offshore wind potential and technological innovation driving down costs, Africa’s offshore energy potential is perhaps the most underdeveloped resource across the continent.

Offshore Technology Africa (OTA) launches in Capetown, South Africa, in October 2022 to enable Governments, Financiers, Developers, Solution and Technology providers to come together to expedite the unlocking of Africa’s vast submerged potential.

OTA will take the form of interactive boardrooms, allowing all participants to get involved in collaborative and productive discussions. All attendees should come prepared to participate in a collaborative environment and leave with productive outcomes.

OTA will cover topics such as:
• Maximising Africa’s Indigenous Offshore Energy Resources
• Developing a Blue Energy Economy and Creating Industries of Scale
• Offshore Wind
• Unlocking Offshore Gas Reserves
• The Impact of Regionalisation & Integration of Offshore Energy Resources
• What are the key technologies enabling Africa’s Blue Energy Economy to emerge?

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