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Luis Bertrán, LGC 19 | Lima, Peru

Luis Bertrán Rafecas Secretary General, International Gas Union (IGU), on the role of natural gas in LATAM and the Caribbean area in the future energy matrix.

Rosanety Barrios, LGC 19 | Lima, Peru

Rosanety Barrios, Independent Analyst on Energy Matters: "The table is set, and there is an important need and opportunity for private investment in the region."

Mauricio Roitman, LGC 19 | Lima, Peru

Mauricio Roitman, President ENARGAS: "Peru is an important player in Latin America in the gas market, it has been for several years and still is."

Vilma Ruíz, LGC 19 | Lima, Peru

Vilma Ruiz, head of Promotions and Communications at PeruPetro, on why events like LGC bring a broader knowledge and new ideas about the sector in the region

Izeusse Braga, LGC 19 | Lima, Peru

Natural Gas: more than a transitional element, Izeusse Braga, ARPEL Executive Secretary

Symone Araujo, LGC 19 | Lima, Peru

Symone Araujo, Director, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil, on the transportation of gas as a link between supply and demand

Seferino Yesquen, LGC 19 | Lima, Peru

Expanding the exploration frontier: current inland and offshore projects in Peru, with Seferino Yesquén, President of PeruPetro

Miguel Rubini, LGC 19 | Lima, Peru

Miguel Rubini, Aggreko: "there is an important energy transition, where all the sectors want to change, and to have more sustainable energy over time"