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Windlab Continues to Progress Projects with Strong Partnership Approach

Windlab Continues to Progress Projects with Strong Partnership Approach image
International wind energy development company Windlab poised to rapidly remobilise work across entire region, fast-tracking advanced and early stage projects to assist East African nations with Covid-19 recovery.
Despite the challenging times that we are all currently navigating, Windlab is continuing to progress a large portfolio of wind and hybrid wind-solar PV-battery projects across East Africa. “In these unprecedented times it is our strong commitment to communities and investment in local people that is helping us to maintain course and continue our work in East Africa” says Roger Price, Windlab’s global CEO. Windlab now has offices in both Kenya and Tanzania, and representatives in Ethiopia, and it is these staff that are continuing to progress projects while borders are closed, with remote technical support from colleagues in South Africa and Australia.

Windlab’s advanced projects in the region include Miombo Hewani (first phase of 100MW wind in Tanzania) and Meru County Energy Park (first phase of 90MW hybrid wind-solar PV-battery in Kenya). “We are fortunate that our advanced projects are almost ready for financial close so that they can move quickly into construction as soon as offtake agreements are finalised” notes Managing Director, Katherine Persson. In addition to these large projects Windlab is developing several other early stage opportunities across the region, making up an East African portfolio of over 1.6GW under development.

The hallmark of this portfolio is extremely high-resource sites, which were identified using Windlab’s proprietary WindScapeTM technology and a team of development and technical experts in Africa and Australia. “In addition to having great sites, strong partnerships are a key requirement for success, especially during challenging times like the ones we currently face. We are fortunate to have the host communities at our projects and Eurus Energy as our partners working alongside us in East Africa, as it is these relationships and the resilience that they build that will bring us success” says Ms. Persson.

Windlab measures success not only based on delivering projects and commercial gain, but also in terms of how broadly the benefits of Windlab projects can be shared with local, regional and national stakeholders. In Kenya, Windlab has also formed a highly beneficial relationship with the Meru County Government, who will be a 20% shareholder in the Meru County Energy Park project. Working together as development partners under a Joint Venture, Windlab and Meru County are making good progress with this facility which will inject over USD150m investment into Meru County over its lifetime and will be Africa’s first large wind-solar PV-battery hybrid project.

“Now more than ever we need to support our communities and work with our partners to deliver projects as quickly as possible” notes Mr. Price. Delivering renewable energy projects in East Africa has urgently become about more than delivering cheap, reliable electricity, community development and climate change mitigation. It is now also about leveraging all that we have to stimulate economic activity and rebuild our economies and job markets as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Windlab is poised to rapidly remobilise work across the entire region and to fast-track both advanced and early stage projects to assist East African nations with Covid-19 recovery.

For further information please contact:
Katherine Persson
Managing Director

About Windlab East Africa

Windlab East Africa (WEA; incorporated as Windlab East Africa (Pty) Ltd) is a subsidiary of Windlab Limited. It is owned by Windlab Limited and by Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation of Japan.
Windlab Limited is an international wind energy development company initially established to commercialise world-leading atmospheric modelling and wind mapping technology (WindScape™) developed at Australia’s CSIRO. Windlab uses this proprietary technology to identify and develop high quality wind farm sites reducing the risk and uncertainty associated with wind development. Windlab is headquartered in Canberra, Australia and has offices across Australia, Southern Africa and North America. More than 1,000MW of wind farm capacity, on three continents, developed by Windlab has reached financial close and is today either operating or under construction. It is developing more than 50 renewable energy projects, totalling over 7,500MW of potential capacity around the world.
Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation is Japan’s largest renewable energy independent power producer. Eurus is majority owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation with the balance held by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated. Eurus has over 3,000MW of operating assets in thirteen countries with subsidiaries in the USA and Europe. Eurus is Windlab’s joint venture partner at Kennedy Energy Park (a hybrid wind, solar PV and battery storage project) in Queensland.

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