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Unlock your system’s power

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The energy transition is bringing new ways of looking at energy production.
By changing from the old linear model to an integrated approach with circular energy flows, exciting opportunities are being created: Reducing waste, Increasing efficiency, even turning CO2 into something useful.
Visit MAN Energy Solution's integrated energy production website and discover how MAN’s innovative technologies and expertise in solutions can help you unlock the full potential of your energy systems.
Go with the flow: There’s more than one way to integrate energy

Combined heat and power (CHP) plants allow you to convert waste heat to energy, thereby maximizing every drop of fuel while serving a variety of thermal applications from industry to district heating.
  • Optimized fuel efficiency of up to 95%
  • Excellent fast-start and low-load capability
  • Trigeneration capability (electricity, heat, and cold)
  • Multi-fuel capability

Electro-thermal Energy Storage (ETES) is a large-scale system for the simultaneous storage, use, and distribution of electricity, heat, and cold. By allowing both the direct use of thermal energy as well as reconversion into electricity, ETES has a very broad range of applications and enables the coupling of sectors.

MAN's solutions include:
  • Trigeneration – Integrated heating, cooling, and electricity system
  • Ideal for sector coupling, process industries, and energy suppliers
  • Integration and storage of renewable energy and reduction of CO emissions
  • Scalable, location-independent, and very low environmental impact
Both conventional and renewable energy sources can generate a surplus. MAN technologies allow you to benefit from this surplus instead of wasting it. One way to solve this problem is by storing surplus energy and making it available when needed. The stored energy can also be used directly in the form of heat and cold, or as fuel of for transportation. 

MAN's solutions include:
  • Battery energy storage systems
  • Electro-thermal energy storage
  • Power-to-X
  • Liquid air energy storage
  • Compressed air energy storage
Reducing CO2 emissions effectively is a major headache for many businesses. MAN Energy Solutions offers a range of advanced technologies for decarbonization that includes highly efficient compression solutions. Compressing CO2 allows it to be stored in depleted oil fields or saline aquifers.

With carbon capture and storage (CCS) applications, captured CO2 is compressed before being liquefied and transported to a permanent storage location. You can also opt to transform CO2 into useful products in a plant further down the line.

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Explore the benefits of integrated energy production
Are you ready to improve your energy efficiency in a circular system? Read MAN Energy Solution's new white paper and find out how your company can integrate renewable and low-carbon fuels or play a role in the electrification of the end-use sector.