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Monica_55905 Apr 29

Revisiting Reforms in the Power Sector in Africa

Revisiting Reforms in the Power Sector in Africa image
Prof. Anton Eberhard and Gabrielle Dyson review achievements and failures of the past experience 30 years of reforms, as well as anticipate future changes for power sector reforms in Africa.
The study had 4 key priorities:

•    Improved technical and commercial performance of utilities and their transformation into financially sustainable, credit-worthy entities that facilitate bankable projects and service delivery
•    Accelerated investment in power capacity
•    Accelerated access to electricity, including mini- and off-grid options, and especially for the poor
•    Accelerated transition to renewable energy and green growth

Download the presentation to access their full market overview and public data analysis. 

This is a presentation from the Africa Energy Forum 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal