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Monica_55905 Feb 12

Renewable Energy Developments in Chile: An Overview by ACERA

Renewable Energy Developments in Chile: An Overview by ACERA image
Carlos Finat, CEO of the Chilean Renewable Energy Association (ACERA) shares his views on Chile's present and future renewable energy strategy, what the Presicency of CO25 has meant for the region and what they are doing to meet their 2050 targets. 
The Chilean Association of Renewable Energy and Storage, ACERA A.G., groups around 130 partners, inlcuding developers, generators and suppliers of products and services, national and foreign, throughout the value chain of the Renewable Energy industry. ACERA seeks environmental protection and sustainable development for Chile, through the promotion of renewable energy and energy storage, its best complement.

Read the full interview with Carlos Zinat, CEO of ACERA A.G., to know more about the many ways in which Chile's standing out in the Latin American renewable energy transition and what lies ahead for them in the future. 


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