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Monica_55905 Nov 30

Renewable Energy for Africa's Universal Electrification Goals

Renewable Energy for Africa's Universal Electrification Goals image
A target of Sustainable Energy for All before 2030 is well underway, and remains a viable ambition even in spite of the challenges of 2020. Around the world, as many as 789 million people still don’t have access to electrification, and this initiative has been set up to resolve that issue.
The impacts of COVID-19, in Africa, have re-emphasised the gap that exists when it comes to the access issue. Damilola Ogunbiyi, CEO & Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All, notes that while the solution to this issue does of course rely on investment and financing, there is a much bigger overall conversation to be had.

She said: “It needs to be a global conversation as we need around $29 billion each year, between now and 2030, to achieve universal access. “However, when we talk about the energy transition, we need to talk about all of the things we need to do collaboratively to get there.” A key component of this is data – to empirically analyse where access is needed, and the optimum strategies to reach them.

This also then brings into play the role of off-grid energy, as we learn from on-grid mistakes to harness innovation and localise energy access. The combination of policy, financing, innovation and global initiatives such as Sustainability for All not only encourage progress, but a broadening of the overall conversation. This is especially key from Damilola’s perspective, as it will better motivate the next generation of people, and especially young women, to help this push towards universal energy access.

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