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Passion, Tradition, Expertise in Energy

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Bollfilter & KIRCH is one of the world's leading filter manufacturer and filtration specialist for liquids and gases. 
As a global leader, it is our mission to fulfill and exceed the requirements of our customers to the greatest extent possible. With the experience of our in-house research & development experts, we offer exactly what you need: Efficient and long-lasting products that meet the highest quality standards. As an independent family-run company with a long tradition and state-of-the-art facilities have been a strong partner for our customers for more than 70 years. 

Our mission is the development of filtration solutions on the basis of continuous mutual cooperation with and for our customers. As filtration experts for advanced and customer-oriented solutions, our goals are customer responsiveness, innovation, operational excellence, partnerships and added value. 

Our core product line spans across three generic filter groups - simplex, duplex and automatic self-cleaning, all supported by replacement BOLLFILTER Genuine Parts.  Each filter group is comprised of an extensive range of design variations to suit the specific industry and application where it will function. Market diversification has been critical to our success over the years, as BOLLFILTERS are currently operating in almost every major filtration sector around the world.  

The energy industry, in the past years, captured a vast amount of focus and effort from ourself with the result of our filter to be found not only in fossil-fuels power plans, but also in all sorts of renewable energy power plants. 

Liquid fuel, lubricating oil and fuel gas filtration are applications frequently found in thermal power plant.

Cooling water for generators and turbines, raw water intake, protection of nozzles, pumps and heat exchangers are applications more often found in hydroelectric, biomass or geothermal energy plants. 

Liquid cooling systems for AC-DC conversion and HTF fluids are niches applications but can definitely count on BOLLFILTER reliability. 

Energy production is generally associated with water management and water management is often associated with BOLLFILTER since our filters also serve in:  desalination systems, water and waste water treatment and drinking water production.

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