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Mozambique's First Large-scale Solar Plant

Mozambique's First Large-scale Solar Plant image
Capital and expertise from Scatec Solar, KLP and Norfund enabled the construction of Mozambique’s first large-scale solar power plant. The Mocuba plant provides over 79 GWh of electricity annually, enough energy to serve about 175,000 households.
IN 2016 Scatec Solar and Norfund signed a Power Purchase Agreement that secured the sale of solar power over a 25-year period to the state-owned utility, Electricidade de Mozambique (EDM). The plant was built in the Zambezia Province in north-central Mozambique.

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world and access to electricity is extremely limited. In rural areas only 1 percent of the population has an electricity supply. National demand for electricity is growing significantly due to industrial and commercial growth. Many district capitals depend on expensive and often unreliable diesel power generation, but Mozambique’s potential power generating capacity is substantial. Transmission bottlenecks mean that decentralised power plants based on local energy resources such as solar, hydro can be important in supplying remote regions.

The Mocuba Project was part of the Government of Mozambique’s Economic and Social Development Plan for 2015/16. The Mocuba plant was identified as part of a least-cost supply plan to improve the capacity, reliability and diversity of electricity supplies in northern Mozambique.
The project contributes to the economic and social development of one of the Special Economic Development Zones designated by the Government of Mozambique, and facilitates new private sector investments. It is also a unique opportunity for EDM to gain technical, commercial and practical experience in utility-scale solar solutions.

The location of the Mocuba solar power plant was critical for energy security in the northern part of Mozambique. The estimated annual production is 79 GWh. Both the construction and maintenance of the power plant generate local jobs. Mocuba has reduced power outages for manufacturing and other businesses in the area, which in turn create more jobs.
Mocuba has increased the renewable power share in Mozambique’s energy mix. Since becoming operational, the electricity from Mocuba has enabled Mozambique to save costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Estimated 75 000 tonnes of CO2 emissions to be avoided annually.

In the words of Raymond Carlsen, CEO of Scated Solar, "this is an excellent example of how private-public partnerships can deliver renewable energy and support further economic growth in Mozambique. EDM and the Government of Mozambique have demonstrated strong leadership in taking this project forward, paving the way for further investments in renewable energy in the country."


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