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Monica_55905 Dec 01

Masterclass: Wärtsilä

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Masterclass hosted by Wärtsila at aef2020, during the Digital Energy Festival. 
Watching the Wärtsilä Hosted Masterclass: "Hybridization in the context of South Africa’s RMIPP Procurement Programme" you’ll learn:
  • How the RMIPP Programme promotes creative and innovative solutions to meet South Africa’s energy needs
  • Why hybrid projects are found to be a highly competitive solution, particularly for hybrids consisting of solar PV, Internal combustion engines (ICEs) and short duration batteries for spinning reserves
  • How hybridization can support developers in meeting local content requirements
  • How a high degree of thermal flexibility is needed for hybrid projects to provide ancillary services to the grid while balancing the renewable component of the hybrid 
  • Why ICE technology is ideally suited to enable high renewable penetration while meeting all dispatch and reserve requirements

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