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Masterclass: Trina Solar - Solar Technologies Will Change Africa

Masterclass: Trina Solar - Solar Technologies Will Change Africa image
Masterclass hosted by aef 2020 sponsors Trina Solar, during the Digital Energy Festival. 
Solar’s evolving appeal has catapulted it to lead the way in respect to Africa’s renewables drive. Reflecting both on- and off-grid, the installed PV capacity of solar across the continent has been steadily increasing for more than a decade. Standing now at around 3.8GW in total, this sounds like drastic progress. However, with more than half of that located in South Africa and much of the other half situated across Egypt, Morocco and Algeria in the North, there is still scope for improvement.

Nabuya Imbega, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East & Africa, Trina Solar is hopeful for further progress on this front, with Trina Solar a more than willing partner to accelerate this development. She said: “We have seen clean energy investment and finance into the continent, especially in the last two years where volumes have increased. We’ve also seen off-grid technologies and solutions receiving high levels of attention as they allow for basic access to electricity everywhere and anywhere, to that ‘last mile’ customer.”

The need for solar derives from its multiple application capabilities. From water pumping, to cooling, powering off-grid communities, electrifying residential units, enriching commercial and industrial sectors, and even strengthening the national grid; citizens of Africa are opting for solar as the number one option. “The cost per unit of producing power from solar is cheaper - it has come way down, and is now cheaper than any other conventional source. And this fits in with the need to decarbonise the energy sector – most governments have committed to the Paris Agreement and agreed to adopt key measures to reduce carbon emissions.”

With this masterclass you’ll learn:
  • How new PV technologies and Integrated solutions can impact the energy industry Africa
  • The main applications of solar energy in Africa
  • What to look for when choosing a PV module supplier
  • Learn from manufacturers how new technological solutions improve the performance of the panel and can have a positive impact on the LCOE of solar projects.
  • How the market will benefit from the technological advances in solar

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