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Masterclass: 5th Element Group - Where Technology and Purpose Meet

Masterclass: 5th Element Group - Where Technology and Purpose Meet image
Masterclass hosted by 5th Element Group at aef2020, during the Digital Energy Festival. 
We’re on the cusp of a 5th Industrial Revolution (5IR) – a new era that will harness the best of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), but with humanity and global sustainability as the overriding goal. Within this transition, energy will play a massive role, as it has done through all previous revolutions as we evolved from steam, to electrification and nuclear power.

More recently, 4IR has revolved around technological progression in the form of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 3D printing, and a host of digital developments. But where was the purpose? Pratik Gauri, India President, 5th Element Group, posed: “5IR works at the intersection of technology and purpose. “You have profit and progress as one world, and purpose and inclusivity as another. Magic can be produced at the intersection of these worlds and that’s what 5IR represents.”

This means using business and digitisation as a force for good, as epitomised by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which look to remedy aspects like gender equality, CO2 emissions, the development of renewables and access to electrification by 2030. Budding technologies such as long-range wireless transmission epitomise this philosophy of linking innovation to social enrichment, with the electrification of Africa a real possibility in the next 10 years, if adopted, as it impacts all strands of personal, social and business development.

Simon Gosling, Managing Director, EnergyNet, concluded: “The AEF is about energy, but at its core and what drives us is the impact of energy on social economic development. This means prosperity, wealth and happiness.”

In this masterclass you will learn why:
  • Profits and Impact go hand-in-hand. If you focus on Impact, you generate more profits
  • Omniwins are the way to lead in 5IR
  • We need more women in business (SDG5)
  • Businesses need to start using shared languages of UN SDGs
  • 5IR will need focus on SDG7 - Africa Energy to play a major role because of its strategic advantage regarding solar, hydroelectric and wind power

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