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Monica_55905 Jun 12

JinkoSolar Strategic Transition to Tiling Ribbon Technology Paved the Way to 580Wp Tiger Pro Series

JinkoSolar Strategic Transition to Tiling Ribbon Technology Paved the Way to 580Wp Tiger Pro Series image
A new record low solar price of 1.35 cents per kWh was created in Abu Dhabi. It gives developers and investors much pressure that translates into escalating reduction of LCOE. LCOE varies widely by the module selection, involving generation performance and reliability over time. 
Starting from Cheetah 158”, companies began to rely on bigger wafer to increase power per panel. However, size cannot be enlarged endlessly, it will or has already encountered ceiling. In response, JinkoSolar moved to a next-generation process called tiling ribbon at its Tiger module, which is likely scale at each size.
With Tiger, JinkoSolar is making a transition to tiling ribbon, an evolution of multi busbar seamless welding using round ribbons. Following this formula, JinkoSolar’s Tiger Series, which is up to 475Wp, thrived. Being launched in October last year, it paved the way towards stronger demand of high power premium modules.
Going forward, tier 1 manufacturers are moving full speed ahead at 500Wp and beyond. Till today, there were more than four module makers that could process 500+ Wp panel, among which Tiger Pro introduced by JinkoSolar with maximum rated 580Wp is the leading-edge product at the time. In addition, producing wafer and cells in house, JinkoSolar is fully vertically integrated, and therefore the planned capacity, the ramped up schedule of Tiger Pro and its yield improvement will be guaranteed. And after repeated ahead of agenda, JinkoSolar plans to ship Tiger Pro 580Wp by Q4 2020. As a result, some customers halted their respective 500Wp efforts, and are still active at Tiger 460-470 watt or move full speed ahead at Tiger Pro 530-580 watt.
For the very, very high performance markets, there is always going to be that need. The leading edge needs 550 Wp or 600 Wp someday. The current situation leaves the product ranging from 440-450 Wp in a dilemma, because leading edge customers are now either comfortable with Tiger panel of 460-475 Wp or wait for Tiger Pro 530-580Wp, while non demanding customers are also active at Cheetah like panels of 400-410Wp. From supply chain and volume standpoint, Cheetah 400-410Wp and Tiger 470 Wp is still volume driver in 2020.
“There’s no question that being able to deliver 20% more power than now will be commercially useful and competitively required, even for price sensitive markets like India. All of record low solar power price accomplishments are evidences of that. There’s virtually no end in sight for the demand for more power,” said Dany Qian, VP of JinkoSolar.

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