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Monica_55905 Mar 05

Interview: Andras Mesics, Altaaqa Global Services

Interview: Andras Mesics, Altaaqa Global Services image
EnergyNet interviews Andras Mesics, Sales Director for Latin America at Altaaqa Global Energy Services. 
The Latin American Energy Forum, sponsored by Altaaqa Global Energy Services, was the background of our interview with Andras. With more than 20 years of experience in the Latin America energy markets, largely gained in Brazil and in the Spanish-speaking countries, Andras has a proven track record of developing energy solutions for a range of industries, including mining, oil & gas, utilities and manufacturing.

During our interview, he shed more light on how their transition to a BOOT model has impacted their Lating American operations, as well as the role of public versus private sector and the importance of regulatory bodies. Read the full interview to learn more: