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Monica_55905 Apr 29

IGU's role in the LATAM energy sector

IGU's role in the LATAM energy sector image
Luis Bertrán presents IGU's point of view on our upcoming Digital Dialogues, his impressions on the progress of the gas market and the opportunities that lie ahead.
New natural gas federal law recently issued, is opening new opportunities for further developments in Brazil’s gas industry which will push the sector up in the coming 5 years.

Gas power plants will be anchoring volumes for blustering national gas production and LNG regasification projects. While the growth power will be led by renewable energies such as hydro, solar and wind, the thermopower using CCGT technology will be playing a critical role in supporting the growth and ensuring the reliability of energy’ integrated system.  

In-house gas is expected to grow from the offshore production pre-salt fields in the coming years, doubling Brazil’s current gas production.

Offshore supply will complement the demand but the dilemma of reinjection versus gas outflow to the shore is a key decision for the future of the Brazilian gas production industry.

In the market and consumers arena, the “Deverticalization” of Petrobras shall foster competition throughout the gas value chain offering new opportunities to the international industry.

Therefore, the gas industry is living many challenges and opportunities ahead in an evolving natural gas market. LGC2021 conference is an opportunity for learning and taking advantage of the upcoming developments in the Brazil gas industry.

For more insights on Gas developments in LATAM, and the latest developments in the Brazilian Gas Market, join our webinar on May 6th 2021, 15:00 UTC. 

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