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Monica_55905 Dec 02

Hosted Digital Dialogue: Aggreko - Investment for the Right Energy Grid for Africa

Hosted Digital Dialogue: Aggreko - Investment for the Right Energy Grid for Africa image
Digital Dialogue hosted by Forum Sponsor Aggreko, at aef 2020 during the Digital Energy Festival. 
The question of whether Africa can achieve innovation growth without the right energy grid is challenging, considering that there is no one singular ecosystem across Africa.

The variability of urbanisation, wealth, disparateness, economic drivers and industries, emissions and population growth means that there has to be a level of localisation in mind when this question is put forward. However, what is consistent is the challenge whereby existing grids can’t keep up with that level of diversity and growth. With this in mind, the “right” energy grid incorporates a similar level of diversity to what’s causing these challenges - a hybrid of on- and off-grid solutions that enable the continent to keep up with the rate of change, while becoming cleaner, safer, more collaborative and innovative, simultaneously.

Noreen Howat, Senior Strategy Manager at Aggreko, said: “After centuries on the periphery, Africa is set to play a much more important role in global affairs, the global economy and the global imagination – these are the opportunities that having the right energy grid will open up.

“They need to be low cost, accessible to all, fit for purpose, and dynamic to changes in the future. These cleaner, more adaptable, and more reliable energy grids will be the key differentiator between success and failure for Africa from an innovation perspective. “They’ll be the bridge between living in a rural village and attending university; or transforming economic drivers from subsistence farming, to thriving, modern and innovative economies.”

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