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Monica_55905 Nov 18

ESKOM and IPP Office Boardroom at the Digital Energy Festival

ESKOM and IPP Office Boardroom at the Digital Energy Festival  image
On 2nd November ESKOM's CEO André de Ruyter and Tshifhiwa Bernard Magoro, Head of South Africa’s IPP Office Co-Chaired an intimate boardroom during the Africa Energy Forum. The boardroom, which had limited attendance, was the setting for some updates on the current challenges for the energy sector in South Africa.  
The roadmap towards a transformed energy sector in South Africa has been laid out, and it hinges on effective collaboration. As it has been for the best part of a century, Eskom is at the centre of this future landscape for the country, stating an overriding aim to create an industry which gives confidence to private investors, to complement Eskom’s existing capacity and help fulfil drastic national generation capacity targets.

“Eskom has a significant challenge when it comes to reaching generation demand in our country,” André de Ruyter, Group Chief Executive, Eskom said. “This challenge is going to become ever more pressing as we move to decommission and retire about 11GW of electricity capacity over the next decade; without leaving communities who have grown up near those power plants in the lurch, as we put the coal fire part of those power stations to rest.”

Opening up this repurposing strategy to private operators has been compounded by concerted engagement with the IPP Office, who will aid Eskom in the bid for successful generation capacity increases over the next decade.

Addressing socio-economic enrichment in unison, this united front calls for innovation, diversification and open-mindedness moving forward, as the country looks to address renewables transition and capacity deficit issues simultaneously.

Bernard Magoro, Head of South Africa’s IPP Office added: “In the next 10 years we are going to see the largest build programme ever in South Africa. We’re looking at about 51,000MW in the next 10 years. And for us to achieve this, you’ve got two entities here [IPP Office and Eskom] that are key in making that a reality. “I’m looking forward to us working together in driving this programme.”

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