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EnergyNet: Country Spotlight Somalia

EnergyNet: Country Spotlight Somalia image
EnergyNet: Country Spotlight Somalia
Tuesday 21st September 2021 (online)
EnergyNet’s Country Spotlight Somalia will be 2 x 90-minute online invitation-only meetings on Tuesday 21st September 2021. These will be closed door boardrooms with high-level stakeholders including the Honourable Minister of Energy (Somalia), Honourable Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources (Somalia), cornerstone investors and technology providers discussing highly targeted and relevant issues for Somalia’s energy sector.
We are also pleased to confirm our partnership with H.E. Honourable Hassan Abdinor Abdi, Minister of Energy & Water Resources, Somalia, who is contributing to the boardrooms, adding significant insights into the country’s energy strategy, investment decisions and partnerships.
According to a recent study by the African Development Bank, Somalia has the highest resource potential of any African nation for onshore wind power and could generate between 30,000 to 45,000 MW. Solar power could potentially generate an excess of 2,000 kWh/m2, making the country a huge opportunity for wind and solar project investors, technology providers, investors, cross-border networks and more.
With a government committed to rebuilding and to institutional reform, DFIs working tirelessly on capacity building, plus a resilient and sizeable stream of remittances from overseas, Somalia is resourcefully rebuilding. Stakeholders are preparing the groundwork for large scale solar and wind generation, as well as transport and financial infrastructure to support the country’s development goals.
These boardrooms are powerful tools for high-level decision-makers to actively engage with specific and proven sector partners in a closed door environment.  As well as the Honourable Minister of Energy (Somalia) and other high-level Directors at the Ministry and the Honourable Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (Somalia), we are pleased to confirm the participation of Mohamed Dubo, Director, Somali Investment Promotion Office (SomInvest), Ministry of Planning & Economic Development (Somalia), the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Chairman of the Somali Green Energy Association (SOGEA), Blue Sky Energy, Waamo Energy Service Company (WESCO), EREA, Conlog, RTI International, Power Africa, East Africa Energy Program (EAEP), Kube Energy, SolarGen Technologies, StorEn Technologies, USAID and more.

Meeting 1: 10:30– 12:00 UTC / 13:30- 15:00 Somalia time
Topic: Furthering an Established and Enabling Investment Environment for Somalia’s Energy Sector.
Meeting 2: 13:00- 14:30 UTC / 16:00- 17:30 Somalia time
Topic: Utilising Technology and Capacity Building to Increase Generation and Distribution Efficiency in Somalia’s Energy Sector.

Register your interest in joining this meeting by clicking the following link: