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Anonymous Apr 08

DFI Roundtable: The Power of Collaboration

13:00-14:40 GMT / 14:00-15:40 BST       
Tuesday 22 April             
Following on from the positive feedback from the last Closed Door DFI Round table held in October 2020, EnergyNet continue to organise the roundtable as an ongoing series to give member DFIs a chance to share knowledge and solutions and come together in collaboration to deliver much needed projects.The roundtable is held under Chatham House Rules.

In the first roundtable our DFI members put the focus on some of the most pressing issues facing Africa’s energy sector during the pandemic, including finding solutions for, the financial health of utilities, the financial health of the energy sector in general, rolling out mini-grid projects, energy for healthcare, providing funding for the smaller economies, private sector financing of transmission and distribution, currency risk, and how to get local banks more involved.
For the follow-up roundtable the discussions will focus on:
  • Sharing knowledge on what progress has been made since October
  • What are the current priorities for DFIs
  • How can the member DFI’s of this group come together in collaboration to speed up delivery of projects
This discussion will be a closed-door meeting