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Country Spotlight: Mozambique

Country Spotlight: Mozambique image
Country Spotlight session on Mozambique, for aef2020 during the Digital Energy Festival. 
As one of the most dynamic countries on the continent when it comes to energy, Mozambique is compounding intention with projects to set the tone across sub-Saharan Africa. “The Government of Mozambique is working to ensure the completion of energy projects that will provide the country with more generation per city,” affirmed Sergio Honwana, National Directorate of Energy, Ministry of Mineral Resources & Energy. “A generation capacity has been set to exceed 500MW thanks to a significant contribution of renewables.”

This will in part be aided by significant public-private partnerships, with a competitive tender and procurement process already underway to trigger a striking power plant project in the country. In addition, two solar projects - 45MW and more than 20MW – epitomises the country’s broader dedication to renewables development.

To complement proactive development of new projects and capacity building, however, the country is also rising to the challenge of transmission and distribution with hundreds of millions of dollars being invested into core transmission lines across the country. The benefits of this activity will extend to neighbouring nations as well, to showcase national progression in the power space.

The final challenge then remains availability and affordability. Laura Nhancale, Autoridade Reguladora de Energia, Mozambique explained: “We have a situation in Mozambique… a paradox of huge diversified potential of energy resources, and all of the mentioned projects, but a challenge of financial viability. “The tariff issue will be central and we need to recover investment to maintain financial health amid all operating costs that may occur.”  

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