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Neill_58630 Jul 07

Powering Africa Summit - Country Spotlight: Morocco

Powering Africa Summit - Country Spotlight: Morocco image
Powering Africa Summit - Country Spotlight: Morocco
In this Boardroom Discussion, we focused on what the latest updates are in Morocco’s domestic electricity market, along with new technologies such as Green Hydrogen and what role the country will play in the region.
In 2008, Morocco foresaw the significance of addressing climate change, and the need for a more diversified and renewables-driven energy mix. Subsequently putting forward dynamic and agile initiatives for both 2020 and 2030, the country has since gone on to be an example of success in Africa, and indeed the world. Its clear vision, compounded by strong governance and clear regulation has paved the way for investor confidence and true capitalisation of its strong renewable energy sources – namely hydro, wind and solar.

“Looking back more than 10 years on, we were ambitious, but our ongoing and ever-evolving vision continues to adhere to global energy trends, and realises the real potential of Morocco,” affirmed Amina Benkhadra, Director General, Office Nationale des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM).
At present, 38% of the country’s installed energy mix comes from renewables – close to the 42% ambition for this stage, which will be reached via additional projects and programmes already under construction.

Constantly striving for stronger diversification in its decarbonisation efforts, however, the role of gas is now complementing a strong electrical starting point. The gas masterplan is being prepared as we speak, with green hydrogen front and centre of the conversation, so as to not detract from the strive for completely clean power.

Not only does the green hydrogen ambition fall within the 2030 strand of Morocco’s vision, but it is a hugely integrative and part of a wider, holistic plan. “It won’t be achieved without the private sector and the encouragement of competition,” confirmed Abdellatif Bardach, President, Autorité nationale de régulation de l'électricité, Morocco.

And integration also works on a regional level. In the same way that the current electrical makeup sees synergies and connections with Algeria, Spain, Mauritania, sub-Saharan Africa and – soon – further into Europe; the development of a Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline will also see Morocco play its part in sharing its potent gas strategy with as many as 14 countries in West Africa.