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Monica_55905 Jul 16

Country Spotlight: Morocco

Country Spotlight: Morocco image
The broadcast shined a light on energy developments within Morocco and the countries regional role. The broadcast addressed ONHYM’s plans for gas developments and the Ministry of Energy’s strategy, including the exciting topic of green hydrogen.
As moderator Anne Lapierre, Partner, Global Head of Energy, Norton Rose Fulbright highlights Morocco’s energy journey over the past ten years has been remarkable. We were privileged to be joined by Honourable Mohammed Ghazali, Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Mines & the Environment and Amina Benkhadra, Director General, Office Nationale des Hydrocarbures et des Mines to guide us through the continuation of this journey.

The message is clear from the ministry that Morocco remains committed to decarbonisation and renewable energy, currently renewable energy sources contribute to 34% of the countries energy mix with a renewed target of 52% by 2030. Certainly an ambitious, impressive target that is will seek to achieve through various renewable technologies including green hydrogen. This will require the use of flexible technologies such as underground pump energy transfer stations and the general modernisation of the grid network to best manage the intermittent nature of renewable sources.  The Ministry will also look to review its legal framework to increase the role of the private sector in helping to achieve the countries goals. 

ONYHM of course has an important role in Morocco’s energy future. Mme Benkhadra outlines that gas will continue to have an important role in the energy mix and the share will increase in the coming years. The country is engaged in clarifying its gas developments, continuing exploration and promoting the role of private companies. Regionally Morocco has great ambitions as an energy exporter both into Europe, and within Africa, highlighting the Morocco-Nigeria Gas pipeline project announced last year. Mme Benkhadra further reinforces Honourable Mr Ghazali’s commitment to green hydrogen, and whilst it is currently early stages, Morocco seeks to be the leader in green hydrogen for domestic use with OCP and even as an exporter.


•    Morocco’s energy future is green, with strong commitments to renewables and green hydrogen. 
•    Morocco will have a regional role in Africa, referencing electricity and gas networks with Nigeria and Mauritania, as well as a role exporting energy into Europe. 
•    PPP’s have been successful within Morocco to date, and Morocco will continue to utilise this model to execute its energy roadmap. 


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