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Arpel's role in the LATAM energy sector

Arpel's role in the LATAM energy sector image
Pablo Ferragut, Sustainability Project Manager, gives us more information about Arpel’s participation in our LATAM Digital Dialogues
ARPEL, together with our partners in this initiative (IGU, OLADE, and EnergyNet), are delighted to announce the LGC digital series that will take place in 2021. It will be a series of high-level dialogues about the natural gas sector's main issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. The first of these dialogues will take place on May 6. It will address the domestic and regional impacts of Brazil's new natural gas law, a real game-changer both for Brazil and the neighboring countries. In the first webinar of the series, we are putting together high representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Mines, EPE, IBP, IHS-MARKIT, TGN, and OLADE.

We plan to deliver 5 to 6 digital dialogues this year (unless we can organize a physical event again before the end of the year) to discuss energy policy, investment opportunities, infrastructure projects, adoption of new technologies, and market development. Our expectation with these activities is to set the natural gas sector regional agenda, bringing to the table some of the main actors of the industry: energy ministries and high-level officials from government entities, top executives of energy companies, experts of international organizations, industry associations, consultants, and academia. So far, we can confirm that the following dialogue will take place on June 3, and it will be about Colombia. The third one will be by the end of June about the impacts of the US energy policy in the natural gas markets in the region.

If you are interested in understanding what is happening in Latin America and the Caribbean and learn about investment opportunities and challenges for developing natural gas markets in the region, you should join us both in these dialogues and the LGC.

ARPEL is the regional association of oil and gas sector companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its members are some of the most important companies in the region, both NOCs and private. It works mainly on energy transitions, sustainable management, and operational excellence, helping oil and gas companies improve their performance through technical cooperation and dialogue.

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