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Monica_55905 Nov 07

Adapt, Support and Champion

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Interview with Alfonso Blanco, Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization - OLADE, on the challenges and opportunities of the industry, and the role of his organization in the development of the region.
What have been some of the lessons learned during your tenure as Executive Secretary of OLADE?

The beginning of my mandate at OLADE in 2017 coincided with a particular political situation. First of all, this is a fairly unstable region in two respects: the economic and the geopolitical. And in that specific period, which was quite critical, we experienced the impact of the drop in prices of trading products in the region, which we expected to reverse in the medium term.

This entire period was highly conditioned by this scenario, which had not been observed before. This generated a lot of movement in the energy sector. In the first place: a reduction in the incidence of extractive economies based on fossil fuels, as well as a gradual transition of regional economies towards green energies that strongly linked energy and climate [...]