Africa Challenge Cup

The Africa Challenge Cup

‘The Africa Challenge Cup’ launched at the 2019 Africa Energy Forum - a football tournament which raised £30,000 for victims of Cyclone Idai. 

Held in partnership with Manchester United, Kohler, Kohler-SDMO & Clarke Energy and taking place at a football stadium in the heart of Lisbon, delegates were invited to watch a truly unique experience as ‘Africa’ and ‘Rest of World’ teams went head to head in a bid to win the trophy.

Manchester United legends Quinton Fortune and Wes Brown served as Honorary team managers on the day. All match proceeds went to the Cyclone Idai disaster relief effort, sending vital light sources and power banks to victims left in darkness.

View highlights from the 2019 Africa Challenge Cup, which raised money to send solar solutions to victims of Cyclone Idai

About Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai was the deadliest storm in the South-West Indian Ocean in more than 100 years, with over 1,000 killed. Working with WakaWaka and the Miracle Mission Trust, an organization which facilitates sustainable transformation for Zimbabwean communities, EnergyNet’s donation benefited 5,000 individuals in frontline communities within two weeks of the investment being made.