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Introducing aef2.0 – a digital platform for the Africa Energy Forum community

With the Africa Energy Forum (aef) now moved to October 2020, we’re bringing you aef2.0 this summer – a free-to-attend series of daily digital broadcasts and roundtables with industry leaders from the aef community.

Taking place on the previous dates of the Forum (30th June – 3rd July), aef2.0 is underpinned by the theme: ‘Investment & Impact - Out of Response and Into Recovery,’ giving participants the chance to listen to policy makers and investors working to find the right path forward at this unprecedented time.

Aef2.0 is free to attend and accessible to our entire global database, including the 3,000+ executives that have attended the Forum over the past two years. Each day, registered participants will receive access to our aef 2019 content all ‘In One Place’ via a daily newsletter featuring videos, interviews, presentations, reports and podcasts. 
Benefits of attending
  • Listen to energy sector leaders debate critical issues such as how COVID-19 has fundamentally changed investment Strategies, plans to protect and rebuild African economies, and how to build resilience in live energy projects
  • Engage with panellists via live Q&A to get your questions answered
  • Receive a daily round up email containing videos, interviews, presentations, reports and podcasts from the 2019 Africa Energy Forum  
Become a sponsor of aef2.0

Share your company’s experiences and learnings with the continent’s stakeholders

Shape a discussion, select relevant panellists and reach the clients that matter by hosting your own digital broadcast within aef2.0. 

This is an excellent time to connect with our database of 30,000+ industry professionals and the 2,000+ individuals that attend aef annually by building momentum as we approach the live event in October. 

aef2.0 will be marketed to our entire Africa database of energy professionals via our website, email campaigns, social media and extensive African media partner networks. At a time when we can only engage online, this will ensure you remain part of the aef community - visible and active despite the challenges in the world.

Benefits include:

•    Contribute to the online content as a thought leader or chair a digital broadcast
•    Branding across the aef2.0 dedicated landing page, digital desktop and mobile application
•    Branding across the daily newsletter sent to attendees featuring 2019 aef archive content, interviews, podcasts and presentations
•    Be seen and heard as part of the leadership interviews featured in our aef 2.0 daily newsletters
•    Extensive social media promotion across all our platforms plus promotional banners to share among your company
•    Be a part of aef 2.0 promotion of deep dive across our platform of ‘best in class’ media partners & press database
•    Have your logo visible in the background of the broadcasts
•    Send a personal note with a branded thank you email to attendees containing links to your company’s resources
•    Branded email with on-demand link to anyone who missed out containing links to your resources

For more information, download the digital rate card below


Leading 2020 sponsors for aef in October