EnergyNet’s sponsors are our partners and at the heart of all that we do


EnergyNet’s sponsors are at the heart of all that we do. Below you will find some of our highest profile sponsors to date. Their presence has been consistent, constructive, and invaluable in promoting the development of Africa’s power sector and we would like to thank them for their on-going support.

Partnering with EnergyNet offers your business a relevant platform to engage investors, governments and senior stakeholders in the power project value chain, to develop credible relationships with proven decision makers and to manoeuvre your organisation in to a position which will save you time and money. We have operated successfully in Africa’s power sector for over 19yrs and have built a reputation among decision makers that can directly support your business aspirations. Most recently we were recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ii and British Prime Minister David Cameron or services to international trade.

Clearly brand visibility is important and plays a key role in building the awareness of your business, but what really resonates with our audience is the importance of the discussions that are had, and deals that are made, as result of the relationships formed. We facilitate innovation and collaboration and invite your business to join us in creating and developing vital power projects.

Whether you want to align yourself with Governments supporting the ‘EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative’, be seen as a market leader hosting exclusive functions or influence the agenda through thought leadership, we can offer a strategic and commercial opportunities designed to deliver real value to your business. And if your business carries specific needs, we’re able to construct tailored packages to meet those ambitions within the markets you operate.

The Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited (TSN) is a private limited liability company owned by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. It publishes Tanzania’s leading newspapers-Daily News, Sunday News, Habarileo, Habarileo Jumapili, SPOTILEO and online editions of these newspapers accessed on the website and It owns state of the art printing and pre-press facilities on plot 11/04 Mandela Expressway opposite the Tanzania Zambia Railways Authority. The company is re-positioning itself as a multimedia group and will expand its businesses. The current core business of the company is newspaper publishing and printing. 
Core Values and Goals
The core values that define the desired organizational culture of the Company are: 
i. Integrity and ethical behaviour
ii. Professionalism 
iii. Customer-orientation
iv. Modern technology-orientation
v. Pursuit of excellence
vi. Innovation and creativity
vii. Teamwork
viii. Results focus
ix. Public accountability
TSN is focused on the print media with three main functions namely; publishing, distributing and selling quality newspapers and magazines. The company’s main objectives are:
i. To publish and sell quality newspapers of scientific, social, political, economic and cultural interest to the general public
ii. To be a reliable source of information and news geared to enhance economic progress, unity, peace and solidarity among Tanzanians and between Tanzania and the rest of the world.
iii. To aggressively solicit adverts from local and international companies /organizations and individuals;
iv. To diversify news products and services to meet established needs of the market; and
v. To routinely monitor and improve the quality and profitability of its products and services
TSN publishes Tanzania’s leading newspapers-Daily News, Sunday News, HabariLeo, HabariLeo Jumapili, and online editions of these newspapers accessed on the website and
All these are daily Newspapers where Daily News is  English Daily and Habari Leo is a Swahili daily newspaper. The company also publishes a Sports and entertainment newspaper namely SPOTILEO which normally comes out on Sundays.
Daily News and Habari Leo has a telescopic distribution network that reaches across the country. It is distributed to all regions of Tanzania.
  • Available for subscription on annual basis at a set fee in all government ministry, departments, regulatory bodies and corporations.
  • Available for sale all over the country in the NEWS STANDS along the road and MOBILE VENDORS.
  • Available for sale in the big establishments like supermarkets and shopping malls
Advertisers in the Daily News and HabariLeo reach out directly to a large number of decision makers: current estimates of over 500,000 readers of these newspapers are reached per day. 
With regard to our website, the   traffic average is 90,000 unique visitors with over 200,000 visits and above 1.5 million hits a month. The banner placement positions adverts sizes and rates can be obtained on our website via the link .
  • We have highest readership in terms of subscription copies since every government ministry, departments, regulatory bodies and corporations Daily News and HABARILEO newspapers are a must read copies. Even in the big private companies offices looking for advertised tenders, general procurement notices, government policies, Daily News copies are a must read one.
  • All young graduates looking for employment opportunities never miss DAILY NEWS copy. All jobs and tenders advertised in the Daily News can also be accessed via cell phone at a token price. All the higher learning institutions are subscribers of Daily News for reference material due to its authenticity and reliability.
  • Recently due to DAILY NEWS ACADEMY and WOMEN MAGAZINE pull outs in the DAILY NEWS, more school children and women have been loyal to Daily News paper just to quench their thirsty for educational needs and women interest stories respectively.
  • We have the highest potential to reach out special groups that includes Decision makers, youth, children, and Women.
  • We give you relatively low advertising rates than any other media that help advertisers to reach audiences efficiently and cost effectively.
  • We provide free creativity for all designed artworks and published advertisements
  • We provide a world class crystal colour print  
  • We are flexible to individual needs
  • All artwork must be supplied in digital file format
  • File format: PDF / TIFF / JPEG / Illustrator / Quark
  • Print quality: Minimum 300 dpi (or pixels per inch)
  • Files must contain all images in HIGH RESOLUTION, 4-colour CMYK format - with all fonts embedded
Managing Editor:
Gabriel Nderumaki
T: +255 713 323 762
Sales and Marketing Manager:
Felix Mushi
T: +255 754 492 310//715 492 310
TELEPHONE NOs: 022-2127492/2127493, FAX Nos: 022-2135239/2112881, 
E-Mail: advertising@
TCQ Power Ltd was established in the year 2012 as a private developer for the purposes of structuring, designing, developing, owning and operating Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution projects in the MENA and Sub-Saharan African regions..
Headquartered in Abu Dhabi – UAE; TCQ Power is led by a seasoned management team with extensive Independent Power Producer (IPP), projects developments, financing and Engineering Procurement & Construction experience, supported by a track record of identifying and executing various project. 
Our expertise as a turnkey project developer with focus on early conceptualisation tailored towards emerging markets. Through strong cooperation with local Governments and suppliers; TCQ Power aspires to mitigate risks at an early stage of power project development prior to breaking ground, thus lending credibility to sustainable, long term, independent projects that are fully operable assets by the host nations at the time of handover.
Our initial project development represents a 128 Megawatt Independent Power Production facility in Freetown - Sierra Leone. Memorandums of Understanding for similarly-scaled projects in the region have been entered into for future project developments.

TCX is a special purpose fund established for the primary purpose of absorbing currency risk associated with financing investments in emerging markets. Investors in the fund include major development banks, multilaterals and microfinance investment funds. The fund focuses on currencies and maturities not covered by regular market providers.

Currency risk associated with hard currency lending to energy projects in emerging markets can introduce substantial risk, uncertainty and additional cost to developers, utilities and end-users. Through the provision of market risk management products to its investors and their investees, TCX offers the ability to mitigate these negative impacts.

The Currency Exchange Fund N.V. (“TCX”) is a development finance initiative that offers currency derivatives in financial markets where such products are not available or poorly accessible.
TCX acts as a market‐maker in currencies and maturities not covered by banks. A key objective of the Fund is to allow lenders and borrowers to hedge currency mismatches that result from cross‐border financing involving frontier markets.
TCX typically offers longer‐dated products to support longer‐term local currency finance.
TCX covers over 70 currencies worldwide. Since starting operations in 2008, TCX has hedged over USD 3.6 billion of local currency loans. By December 2015, the Fund’s portfolio of cross currency swaps and forwards amounted to over USD 1.3 billion spread across 50 currencies and 650 transactions.
TCX’s investor base consists of development finance institutions and microfinance investment vehicles active in emerging and frontier markets.
Telemenia Ltd. is a leading international EPC contractor with vast experience in the design, construction and commissioning of power generating plants in over 55 countries and 4 continents. Telemenia’s expertise includes the development of power projects based on natural gas, hydropower, HFO, Diesel, biomass and biofuels ranging from 1MW to 450MW.
Founded in 1956, Telemenia’s proven capabilities are backed by a team of seasoned professionals that ensure that every plant is tailor-made to meet each client’s specific needs, using state-of-the-art technology, proven project management techniques and detailed quality control procedures to ensure the most reliable, economically sound and technically advanced solution. Telemenia’s projects comply with all relevant international standards. 
Its long standing cooperation with the industry’s leading equipment suppliers guarantees seamless plant integration, enhanced reliability and ease of operation and maintenance. Furthermore, the company offers long term O&M contracts to its clients, ensuring that the plant is run at top availability and efficiency on the long run.
As part of the F.K. Generators Group, Telemenia enjoys a strong financial position. In the last few years the company is also engaged in projects as independent power producer (IPP), BOT or BOO.
The Telemenia team strongly believes in social involvement, wherever it builds projects. Telemenia is proud of its commitment to society, in education, medical services and other needs of the local communities. Telemenia’s donations and investments have helped to improve the quality of life in many of the communities surrounding Telemenia’s projects.

TEMPLARS is a leading commercial law firm in Nigeria. With over 50 lawyers including nine partners working out of offices in 4 cities with specializations in power, oil and gas, corporate finance, project finance, corporate and commercial law, telecommunications, technology, litigation and arbitration, amongst others.

Templars is regarded as the top firm for power projects and are consistently ranked among the all-round leading law firms in Nigeria, and particularly as one of only three Nigerian law firms that are currently ranked in Band 1 in Energy & Projects by Chambers & Partners.

TERNA is the construction company of GEK TERNA Group, a leading Greek business group, that has been actively involved in the implementation of a broad spectrum of public and private projects of considerable budget and complex know-how, such as the construction of Thermal power plants, Industrial facilities, Railway and Highway networks, Metro and Light Rail networks, high - quality Office Buildings, Hospitals, Museums, Resorts, Hydro-electric plants, Dams, Harbors, RES parks, etc, for more than 40 years. 

Presently, TERNA has a backlog of €4 bn (including thermal power projects in excess of 1500MW) and is focusing on the completion of major and complex power, infrastructure and building projects in Greece, SE Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East while extending its activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

GEK TERNA GROUP is also a major investor in energy projects, both thermal and renewable, the latter being the scope of its subsidiary TERNA ENERGY, an international RES Energy Producer. TERNA ENERGY has a vertical organization and professional capacity that covers all aspects of the RES Industry (Wind, Solar, Hydro & Biomass). Apart from Greece, the company is already established in the USA, Poland and Bulgaria and is targeting to expand its RES activities in other countries.  TERNA ENERGY will have a total capacity of 1000 MW, in operation or under construction, by the end of 2014.  

The Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3), a Tetra Tech company headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, is a leading PPP advisory services and capacity building provider. Working with governments, corporations, multilateral institutions, and financial entities, IP3 enables clients to build their institutional capacity and to carry out successful P3 projects in the global infrastructure market. IP3 has provided institutional capacity services to many energy agencies and regulators across Africa, particularly in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Since its founding in 1994, IP3 has trained over 35,000 officials from 175 countries.

The Africa Report: Understand Africa’s tomorrow…today The Africa Report, an award-winning pan-African monthly, provides 450,000 African and international readers with expert analysis of Africa’s fast-changing political and economic landscapes. Calling upon the finest African and international journalists and specialists in African politics, economy, industry and governance, The Africa Report guarantees in-depth, on-the-ground reportage. Investigative, well-informed and close to the vital concerns of the continent, The Africa Report provides a key pan-African resource for investors, executives, academics, diplomats and NGOs. Published by Groupe Jeune Afrique, The Africa Report is produced by a multicultural team in Paris and London and a network of journalists across the continent.  

Official media partner 

An insight into Africa. An outlook on the world.

In just over a decade, The Africa Report has established itself as the must-read international monthly magazine dedicated to African affairs. Published by Groupe Jeune Afrique, founded in 1960, it is the guide used by decision makers to anticipate economic and political changes in Africa and relied upon for the expertise of an independent editorial team in its survey, sector reports and country focus published in each issue. The Africa Report is the only media to have been awarded Media of the Year three times. Its recognized high-quality coverage of the African business environment is combined with the strongest pan African and international circulation with 450,000 regular readers.

The Africa Report also offers a full cross media reach to several millions users and followers thanks to a fully multi-media platform with print and digital editions, newsletters, mobile and tablet applications as well as a unique and engaging social media exposure.

Consulting Partner

The Beijing Axis ( is an international advisory and procurement firm. Combining extensive experience and comprehensive capabilities, we collaborate with clients across their value chain via our strategy and management consulting; capital advisory; commodity trading; and procurement and supply chain managed services in order to raise their performance and profitability. With more than 11 years of delivering international advisory and procurement solutions, we have offices in Beijing, Singapore, Perth and Johannesburg, with Mumbai and Latin America currently being rolled out.

The Brussels Energy Club (BREC) was registered as a not-for-profit (ASBL) Association in Belgium in early 2012 by a number of likeminded energy practitioners committed to developing the following principles and objectives:

-Promote better understanding of international energy matters and expand professional networks in the energy producing and transiting countries of Eurasia, North Africa and the Middle East.

-Bring together those with rich energy sector experience from the energy consuming, producing and transiting regions for in-depth discussions about energy and environmental issues, with the purpose of exploring new ideas, measures and models to tackle challenges.

-Seek to build a cross-border platform to exchange information about the latest global energy developments, to discuss future trends and to deepen understanding of energy markets.

-Host regular, frank and intelligent roundtable discussions followed by dinner gatherings specifically geared towards high level energy professionals seeking to exchange pertinent information and build durable cross border energy links.

-Develop positive contact with the institutions of the European Union engaged in the regulation of energy markets in Europe, in order for members of the Association to enhance communication and contact with such institutions during BREC events.


Media partner 

The Business Year (TBY) is a leading research firm and publisher of annual economic resources on national economies. Present in over 25 countries, TBY provides first-hand access to the people and ideas shaping business and policy throughout the world. Each country-specific edition contains a comprehensive range of interviews and analysis, offering an inside look at doing business in the world’s most dynamic economies. TBY’s interviewees, readers, and partners comprise an international network of thought-leaders who are helping to define the future of the global economy.


The Business Year (TBY) is a leading research firm and publisher of annual economic resources on national economies. Present in over 25 countries, TBY provides first-hand access to the people and ideas shaping business and policy throughout the world. Each country-specific edition contains a comprehensive range of interviews and analysis, offering an inside look at doing business in the world’s most dynamic economies. TBY’s interviewees, readers, and partners comprise an international network of thought-leaders who are helping to define the future of the global economy.

For more information please visit:

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company works on saving electrical energy for economic, social development projects and all-purposes cross the unified electrical grid through the necessary capacities and the highest level of technical specifications. It also takes in consideration all safeguards for the stability and continuity of electrical nutrition without interruption in all cases with the optimal use of all resources to maximize profitability.
The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company Egypt (Egyptian Electricity Authority previously) has made huge achievements within the past twenty years, the electricity was the base for all industrial projects in fields of heavy , light and intermediate industry and also for small industries. Electricity also was the base for projects in the fields of Agriculture, Land Reclamation and livestock also in the field of housing, trade, services, media, social and human renaissance in general. It was a pillar of the new cities, tourist resorts of economic and social activities.
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the region.  Functioning in Alexandria & Cairo, EGX has one trading system and managed by one board of directors chaired by Dr. Mohamed Omran. 
With over 250 companies listed in EGX main market and NILEX (The market for small & medium enterprises) and 146 Brokerage firms, The Egyptian Exchange market cap is around L.E. 420 Billion in 2015.
The mission of EGX is to operate and develop a high quality market for the benefits of its Egyptian and international clients, in order to be a World-Class, Egypt-based Exchange: the Premier Capital Market in the Middle East & North Africa Region that best serves its stakeholders.  
EGX  objectives are  Developing the Legislative Infrastructure, reinforcing the Exchange’s role in Economic and Social Development, enhancing social awareness, Enhancing the IT and Technological 
In order to reach those objectives, EGX, in cooperation with the capital market aims to devise a realistic and feasible strategy mainly focusing on how to tackle the existing challenges and upgrade EGX position from being a traditional market to a modern market.
Association Partner
The Egyptian Private Equity Association (EPEA) is a non-profit seeking association committed to supporting and developing the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry in Egypt and the surrounding region(s). The Association aims to foster private investment in Egypt, as well as to boost communication and knowledge sharing among the region’s private equity and venture capital networks. EPEA seeks to serve as the hub for private equity and venture capital professionals, organizations and stakeholders in Egypt, and be their gateway to the international community and counterparts.  On the local level, EPEA aims to serve the current needs of the local industry in the areas of capacity building, networking and policy advocacy, as well as raise awareness among industry stakeholders about the role of Private equity and venture capital in financing investments and thus enhancing economic growth. On the regional and international levels, EPEA is looking forward to contribute to the growth and development of the industry, through assessing potential opportunities and partnering with similar associations. 
EPEA was founded by a distinguished group of PE & VC industry professionals and reputable institutions, with the aim of creating a unified body to represent the industry and be in charge of its development on the macro level, as well as establishing a local and regional hub to set industry standards in light of international best practices. EPEA members work in task forces / committees in several areas, such as: membership, legal affairs, international relations & alliances, training and awareness, and corporate finance. All committees work together in complete synergy to accomplish the association`s objectives. 

The Energy and Climate Change Centre

The Energy and Climate Change Center (E3C) is a recognized provider of high-quality advisory services that enables sustainable growth in developing countries.

E3C is committed to providing technical, policy and financial strategies that support sustainable growth, improve access to energy and reduce poverty in developing countries.