Vuyo Ntoi

Job Description: 
Investment Director: Head of Southern and Central Africa

With a track record of nearly two decades, African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) is the most experienced private equity investment manager focused exclusively on African infrastructure on the continent. AIIM is committed to Africa’s long term development through its infrastructure focus and currently manages 1.9 billion US dollars across 7 funds in assets across the power, telecommunications and transport sectors in East, West and Southern Africa.

Vuyo is responsible for originating, analysing and implementing AIIM’s infrastructure investments in Southern and Central Africa. Vuyo’s been involved in the management and advice of AIIM’s Infrastructure funds since joining AIIM in 2003. He has a breadth of knowledge across the infrastructure sectors and has been involved in transport (roads, airports, sea ports and rail) energy (power, renewables and pipelines) and telecommunications transactions both in an analyst and principal capacity, including a number of notable transactions in South Africa and West Africa. Vuyo is currently a director of Umoya Energy, Cenpower Generation Company Limited, AIIF2 Towers and Trans African Concessions.