Nosizwe Dlengezele

Job Description: 
Gas Power System Executive Managing Director for Anglophone Africa
Noz, is GE Gas Power System Executive Managing Director for Anglophone Africa. She is responsible for driving sales and growth within this region, estimated at <300 mil USD in 2017.  Before joining GE, she was based at Hitachi Chemical Europe in Germany-Dusseldorf on secondment, looking after the energy storage business in Europe. 
Prior to this secondment from Hitachi Ltd Sub Sahara, she was responsible for business development and demand creation in SSA. In this role, verticals of focus included Energy (distribution- GIS, transmission- cables, battery storage. Water (portable and non- portable, augmentation schemes i.e desalination and water –reuse, O&M, & central monitoring), Transportation (express trains, locomotives refurbishment and energy recovery in rail), IT (e learning, M-health) and Chemicals (agriculture, mining).
Noz has delivered numerous presentations globally, on doing business in Africa with a special focus on infrastructure development, localization, transformation and social innovation. Prior to joining Hitachi Ltd. she co-founded Enele Consulting a management consultancy specializing in human capital development and emerging markets. Shortly after university (Psychology Honours graduate from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal), she was employed by Yamaguchi -ken in Japan where she lived and worked for a few years. 
Noz has a 9-year-old son Malachi, she is an avid reader and enthusiastic art collector. She is excited to be back in Africa, once again contributing to the continent’s infrastructure development programmes.