Mohamed Mustafa Rafea

Job Description: 
Midal Cables
Mr. Mohamed Mustafa Rafea is an Electrical Engineer from Texas A&I and has a Masters Degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Coventry, UK. 
He is the Chief Executive Officer of The Midal Group of Companies and Director on the board of Midal Kablo, Turkey; Midal Cables India; Midal Cables International Australa; Midal Cables Limitada Mozambique: Midal Cables Saudi; Madem Gulf Bahrain;   and Bahrain Welding Wire Products.
Mohamed started his career in Midal in 1993 as a Process Engineer. He was promoted to Superintendent Maintenance- Electrical & Mechanical Section in 1995 and Manager Production & Maintenance in 1997. In 2003, Mohamed took over as General Manager- Production, Maintenance, Purchasing & Planning. He was made Deputy CEO in 2010 and took charge as CEO in 2011. Since then he has overseen the establishment of Midal’s new plants in Turkey, Australia, Mozambique and Saudi Arabia. Under his leadership, Midal ‘s business has seen a quantum growth and is now the World’s largest manufacturer of Aluminium wire rod and overhead line conductors.