Annick Walsdorff

Job Description: 
Principal Environmental Assessment Practitioner
Annick is a Principal Environmental Assessment Practitioner at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Stellenbosch. She completed a Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Brussels, Belgium and a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch. 
Over the past 16 years, Annick has been involved in several environmental studies for industrial and port-related projects, ranging from strategic-level assessments through to environmental screening studies, detailed environmental impact assessments as well as compliance and due diligence audits in Southern, Central and West Africa. Annick has also been extensively involved in Quantified Risk Assessments in terms of the MHI Regulations, 2001 for the storage of dangerous goods (e.g. LPG, diesel, petrol, crude oil). 
She has been the project manager on numerous oil and gas related studies. Recent examples include environmental screening studies for a West Coast gas transmission pipeline, an onshore LNG terminal in Saldanha and associated pipeline infrastructure and a study for the proposed LNG importation project into the Western Cape with specific focus on the Saldanha Bay-Cape Town corridor. Annick has also managed the Oil Response analysis study for the proposed oil refinery in the Coega IDZ and a marine oil spill risk analysis of planned crude oil transfer operations at Saldanha Bay.
She is currently the project leader for a Strategic Environmental Assessment for the identification of energy corridors as well as assessment and management measures for the development of a gas pipeline network for South Africa.