Zoetic Global

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Zoetic Global, a U.S.-based company, offers clean, innovative technologies to help address serious challenges facing people and the planet. Renewable energy and sustainable agriculture are our primary focus.  Water plays a crucial role in our technologies and we are committed to carefully managing this vital resource while capitalizing on its vast potential.
At Zoetic, we know that access to uninterrupted electricity is critical for economic growth and a better life for Africa’s 1 billion residents. Our state-of-the-art, hydrokinetic turbines, which are placed in the wash of existing dams, feature a unique licensed design that captures the untapped energy in flowing water more efficiently than traditional turbines. Thanks to their innovative design, the turbines have virtually no harmful impact on the ecosystem. Zoetic is currently engaged in discussions with several African governments to deploy this technology and is on the verge of signing its first Power Purchasing Agreement.
“Zoetic” comes from the Greek word “zōē” and means “of or pertaining to life.” By taking a comprehensive approach that encompasses groundbreaking technology, knowledge transfer and reliable technical support, Zoetic offers new life-enhancing opportunities to individuals and their communities the world over. As our name implies, we are here to make a vital and enduring difference.