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The first LNG regasification port terminal in Colombian has a load capacity of 170,000 cubic meters of LNG and a regasification capacity of 400 million standard cubic feet per day, enough to fuel approximately 2,000 megawatts, covering the main thermoelectric generators in Colombia. The LNG regasification port terminal is located on the bay of the city of Cartagena, near the Caribbean Sea, a strategic location for trading with the rest of the world.
This port has a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU), a docking platform with two high pressure loading arms, a trestle with 760 m of length, an on shore metering station and a 10 kilometers pipeline connected to the National Grid. This infrastructure is able to carry out LNG ship-to-ship transfers to small LNG carriers, which would help in the feasibility of small and medium-scale LNG projects in Central America, Caribbean, and South America.
The LNG port terminal allows to have a greater supply of natural gas in Colombia and opens the doors to exploring new business possibilities and markets at a national and international level.