Samawat Energy

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Samawat Energy is one of the latest pioneers in renewable energy solutions for off-grid locations in Africa. Through the incorporation of most innovative solar technologies (Smart Metering, Prolonged Battery Life), we provide affordable solar systems for the unmet demand in rural residences, businesses, and communities across the continent.  
Samawat is based on three competitive advantages: (i) our solar panel kits are customized to meet the precise needs of local populations, through a differentiation between basic residential kits and more sophisticated kits for the communities; (ii) our 365-day pay-as-you-go method eliminates the entry barrier to the solar energy, namely the high upfront installation cost and (iii) we use a system of mobile payments, capitalizing on the high mobile penetration across the continent. 
By bringing electricity to off-grid isolated places, our company is leapfrogging Africa's energy grid; creating more dynamic economies and inclusive societies: customers needs are met tenfold while a large portion of their disposable income is freed. With a strong focus on capacity building and financial inclusion, Samawat Energy aims to empower the continent — beginning in Morocco with plans to delve into the continent in its entirety.