Rodríguez Dávalos Abogados (RDA)

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Rodríguez Dávalos Abogados (RDA) has over 20 years’ experience rendering legal, economic, and business consulting services to participants in the energy and infrastructure sectors in Mexico. Highly specialized in all aspects of the sector, RDA has been a significant player on many major strategic projects. RDA has a strong presence in the upstream, midstream and downstream components of the entire value chain of hydrocarbons, power generation, renewable energies, and maritime activities related to the energy industry. RDA has a very solid right of way practice area as proved by being the leading counsel of Los Ramones pipeline, a strategic natural gas pipeline project of huge complexity, stretching from the US border to central state of Mexico.

RDA has an impressive track record, structuring and executing many first-of-a-kind projects, noteworthy not only for their strategic importance in the field, but also for the innovative approach that characterizes them.