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Midal Cables Limited was established in 1977 in Bahrain, to manufacture Aluminum wire Rod and Overhead Electrical Transmission Cables.
Since then, the company has developed into a significant player in the Aluminuum wire rod and Electrical Transmission Industry in Bahrain, the GCC and around the world. Manufacturing locations in Bahrain, Turkey, Australia, Saudi Arabia and now most recently in Mozambique have boosted capacity to 435,000MT, making Midal the world’s largest producer of aluminum wire rod.
Midal has participated in numerous power transmission and distribution projects, meeting the most stringent technical standards and supply requirements. The company has continued a policy of investment in the most up-to-date Technology at its manufacturing facilities and has put a great emphasis on work force training to ensure technical excellence in its products.
Midal Cables International Lda, Mozambique, was established in 2013 with a capacity of 50,000MT per annum to cater to the growing demands of the African market. The plant sources high quality  metal from the adjescent, Mozal smelter and benifits from the latest equipment in the industry as well as the best practices of the Group
After 38 Years of Success, Midal Cables Limited is still looking forward to continuous growth and improvement in its business processes. 
Please visit www.midalcable.com for more details.