GreenWish Partners

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GreenWish Partners is a renewable energy developer and investor dedicated to Sub-Saharan Africa. Having developed and financed the 20 MW Senergy 2 solar PV project in Senegal, GreenWish is a pioneer of solar energy in Africa. The Senergy 2 project is the first solar IPP in West Africa and currently the largest solar plant in operations in Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa).
With an equity investment capacity of $270 million, GreenWish has the ambition to develop and finance a 600 MW portfolio of diversified onshore wind and solar PV projects, both on-grid and off-grid. We are present across several segments including utility scale power, caprive power for industries and innovative distributed power solutions for the telecom sector and rural electrification.  We believe that renewable energy technologies combined with inclusive and innovative business models have the potential to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges facing Africa. GreenWish’s mission is to demonstrate the potential of renewable energies to fuel the economic and social development of the continent while contributing to the fight against climate-change.