Greenville Oil & Gas Company Ltd.

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Greenville Oil & Gas Company Limited aka Greenville LNG/GVLNG was established in 2015, specifically to expand the natural gas infrastructure in Nigeria, through the distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas, using a virtual pipeline, to deliver gas to locations not served or underserved by the existing gas pipeline network.

Our US$500m Mini-LNG facility located in Rumuji, Rivers State has a capacity for 5,250 tons of LNG per day; Trains 1, 2 and 3 with a combined capacity of 2,250 tons per day, are already installed, while Trains 4 and 5 with a combined capacity of 3,000 tons per day will be installed soon.

With an initial fleet of three hundred (300) 25 ton capacity LNG fuelled Tanker trucks, and fleet management systems which includes 24 x 7 tracking systems, GVLNG has created a virtual pipeline capable of supplying natural gas to any location in Nigeria. Fifty (50) tanker trucks are available at our Rumurji facility.

On Tuesday 29th August, 2017, Greenville LNG executed the Gas Sale and Aggregation Agreement (GSAA) for the delivery of 74 million standard cubic feet (MMscf) of gas to our facility, with the representatives of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (TEPNG) and Gas Aggregation Company of Nigeria (GACN). The production and distribution of LNG is scheduled to commence by the 4th Quarter of 2017.