Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund

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Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF) is an independent fund set up by the Government of Ghana to mobilize, manage, coordinate and provide financial resources for investment in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure projects in Ghana.  GIIF’s activities include: attracting investments through the domestic and international capital and financial markets; the provision of debt and equity financing for infrastructure in Ghana. The Fund will follow any other operational guidelines and procedures outlined in the Investment Policy Statement approved by the Board. 
PORTFOLIO: The Fund will carry a diversified portfolio of investments in order to reduce risk. For each project, a stringent due diligence process will be adhered to and careful analysis of valuation undertaken on a consistent basis, so that the investment strategy will reduce downside risk and enhance return.
READY TO GO PROJECTS: GIIF is supporting ready to go projects which have strategic linkages to infrastructure and multiplier effect on the economy in general and industrialization in particular.At this moment, contact the CEO, Mr. Steve Nartey at