Confederation of Economic Associations Mozambique (CTA)

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The Confederation of Business Associations of Mozambique (CTA) was incorporated on April 5, 1996, as a result of conversion of the associations Working Committee (TAC) designed to meet the challenges of the introduction of the market economy system. The CTA is a non-governmental economic organization, nonpartisan, whose mission is to contribute to economic and social development of Mozambique, based on private sector growth promoting and protecting the business opportunities and private initiatives, culture and business associations. 
The Confederation of Business Associations of Mozambique (CTA) is the official partner of dialogue with the government, in the private sector representation and working towards a better business environment in Mozambique, through promotion of economic and regulatory reforms.
The CTA currently comprises 79 members from sectoral federations, Trades Chambers and Business Associations and is represented throughout the country and economic sectors. 
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