Camargo Correa

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The construction company Camargo Corrêa, that originated the Grupo Camargo Corrêa, is reference in execution of and in making feasible engineering projects with high complexity and has some of the main Brazilian and international infrastructure frameworks in the energy, oil and gas, infrastructure and industry sectors. 
In its history of 75 years, construction Camargo Corrêa has built a legacy of engineering that incorporates various icons of Brazil, as the Rio-Niterói Bridge (RJ); the hydropower plants of Itaipu, Ilha Solteira and Tucuruí and the São Paulo subway. It has broken boundaries and today it operates in seven countries in South America and Africa, leaving its mark of quality in projects that are vital to the social economic progress of millions of people.
The company is also recognized by the Camargo Corrêa Standards, expressed by competitive advantages as a commitment to results, profitability, sustainability and innovation. Another  highlight is the use of the Integrated Construction Management. The system identifies the need to improve management practices on site and includes modern business management elements, which are shaped and organized in order to harmonize with the existing culture in Construction.
It also has a series of environmental and social projects that aim to reduce the impacts of their projects in the regions where the company operates.