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Africa Mining Intelligence is the leading publication for mining operators in Africa. It offers exclusive news on the major mining actors (biographies), exploration & production, and funding. Since 2000, our journalists investigate political and economic strategies of key actors in mining industry, including businesses, governments and international organizations. Our editorial team picks up its news directly from leading African officials as well as from mining firms in Toronto, Sydney, London, and Beijing...
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Africa Mining Intelligence Africa Mining Intelligence est la newsletter sur les mines en Afrique. Elle publie des informations exclusives sur les acteurs du secteur (biographies), l’exploration et la production, et les financements. Depuis 2000, nos journalistes d’investigation couvrent les stratégies politiques et économiques des grands acteurs miniers, entreprises, gouvernements et organisations internationales. Leurs sources : les dirigeants des administrations ou des groupes miniers de Toronto, Sidney, Londres ou Pékin.
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