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Growing Economies: Project Finance Forum

   Cape Town, 2- 3 February 2017

This year, the meeting formerly known as the hugely successful Powering Africa: Finance Options will evolve into a high level dialogue focusing on the opportunities to finance energy & infrastructure projects across some of the world’s most exciting emerging markets. Hosted in Cape Town from 2-3 February 2017, the meeting will bring together heads of utilities and project developers from across Southern, East and North Africa to present live energy and infrastructure projects seeking partners and investors. This meeting forms part of EnergyNet’s Growing Economies’ portfolio, which takes a closer look at the rapidly developing opportunities for project developers in new energy markets across the globe.

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   Washington, D.C. 8 - 10th March 2017
Now in its 3rd year, the Powering Africa: Summit is an investment conference to showcase power, trade and infrastructure opportunities across the African continent, engaging principle decision makers from the American and African public and private sectors to explore how project bankability can be increased. Obama’s Power Africa initiative helped map the way for project investment, giving a platform to global investment funds and the role they can play in driving forward the development of Africa’s power sector. The Summit aims to connect governments, investors and power developers from the USA and Africa to stimulate partnerships and drive forward project development. 
Washington, D.C. 8 - 10th March 2017
The Growing Economies: Latin America Energy Forum is an investment meeting for LATAM’s power sector exploring Pan-American business relations. Some of the biggest energy investment opportunities are emerging in Latin American countries. Co-located with the successful ‘Powering Africa: Summit,’ this meeting will bring the relevant governments to Washington, D.C. to meet with public and private sector leaders from the US looking to increase business relations.
Discover the trends and opportunities in LATAM’s power sector and find out how the new US administration plans to develop their LATAM relationship over the next 4 to 8 years. Participate in a regulators’ roundtable, specific ‘Country Talks’ sessions, breakfast briefings and an exhibition of solution and service providers.

The 19th Annual Africa Energy Forum

Copenhagen, 7- 9 June 2017

The Africa Energy Forum (AEF) is the global investment meeting for Africa’s power, energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Nineteen years in the running, AEF brings together senior-level representatives from governments, utilities, regulators, power developers, financial institutions, technology providers, consultants, law firms and large energy consumers to form partnerships, identify opportunities and collectively move the industry forward. AEF has a loyal following of credible players working in the power space, and a track record of delivering a valuable networking experience. AEF 2016 attracted 2,100 participants from 80 countries, 32 of those being African.
The 19th Annual Africa Energy Forum (AEF) will take place from 7-9 June in Copenhagen, Denmark to capitalise on the investment potential of Scandinavian countries into Africa. As Denmark leads the way with its green energy initiatives and blending of public and private finance, Copenhagen is the perfect setting to host the Forum and welcome our international delegates. To be added to the mailing list for this meeting, please email
Copenhagen, 7- 9 June 2017
The Growing Economies: Energy Forum is a 2-day annual investment meeting bringing together the public and private sector leaders from some of the fastest growing economies of Latin America and Asia to address power development opportunities. With one 'Regional Focus' streams on Latin America and Asia, this year’s meeting will talk about the two major themes of “Centralised Generation” and “Distributed Generation” and their meaning for investors in these two regions
Abuja, 20- 22 September 2017
The 5th annual Powering Africa: Nigeria meeting will take place in Abuja will take place from 20-22 September in Abuja. This premium private sector-led and finance focused summit on investment strategies, bringing together Nigeria’s electricity supply industry, local finance institutions, IPP and NIPP investors, power developers and international financiers to release capital in Nigeria’s transforming power sector. EnergyNet will welcome 250 decision-makers including DFIs, banks, developers and EPCs to discuss what is needed to fully support and enable the transformation of Ghana’s electricity sector in the medium to long term. 
Cape Town, 3 6 October 2017
The International Gas Cooperation Summit (IGCS) will take place from 3-6 October 2017. As a follow on from the hugely successful South Africa: Gas Options meeting, which followed the journey of the South African government’s launch of their Gas IPP Programme, IGCS will focus on South Africa’s potential for gas procurement, distribution and utilisation nationally, regionally and globally, while integrating the GAS IPP programme with South Africa’s broader economic strategy for energy. 
Bogotá, 25- 27 October 2017
The Growing Economies: Pacific Alliance Energy Forum is an investment meeting which will focus on the energy sectors of some of the most exciting and anticipated new energy markets in the world – the Pacific Alliance (Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico). As these growing economies open up for international investment following exciting political and economic developments, each are starting a new exciting era in their energy markets that the industry’s big players can’t ignore.

Discover the trends and opportunities in the power sectors of these exciting emerging markets, and partner with the decision-makers crucial to your business ventures. 

Marrakech, 14- 17 November 2017
The 2nd annual Africa Renewable Energy Forum (AREF) will return to Marrakech from 14-17 November. 
Following the first Africa Renewable Energy Forum in November2016, held as an officially endorsed side meeting of COP22, this meeting will once again focus specifically on renewable energy for African development to ensure the outcomes of COP are maintained and successfully delivered.
AREF will gather together African Energy Ministers and Government Representatives, leading investors, power developers, technology providers, financiers and multilateral agencies to deliver strategies for sustainable energy development that meet the climate change requirements. Throughout AREF, we will provide you with a platform to promote sustainable projects, technology development, capacity building and knowledge transfer as well as usable and actionable takeaways for clean energy project implementation.
Cape Town, 6- 9 December 2017
The second instalment of the Growing Economies: Project Finance Forum will focus on the financing of energy and infrastructure projects in Southern Africa and East Africa. Government representatives, heads of utilities and project developers  from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, India and Pakistan will come together under one roof to highlight projects seeking funding. 
This content- led forum will also bring to the table some of the biggest financiers looking to increase their investment in these countries, including debt management agencies, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, banks and equity funds. Some of the topics to be discussed include:  Business and Economic Outlook for Southern and East Africa- Public and Private Financing; Financing Instruments - Business and Economic Outlook for South Asia- Financing of Energy Projects - Financing of Energy Related Infrastructure Projects.

The Africa Energy Yearbook - the official publication of the Africa Energy Forum –returns for 2016 with more articles, industry insights and project updates about the future of Africa's economic, industrial and social development. A free copy is available for every delegate who attends the Forum. Advertising opportunities are available to elevate your profile in London.