Arts:Energy Partnership


Showcasing the Relationship between Energy Access and Creative Potential in Emerging Markets.


The Arts: Energy Partnership showcases the impacts of energy access on creativity, giving a platform to some of Africa’s most talented creative individuals.

Art can provide a powerful voice to individuals and communities. The expressive nature of art and performance can transform people’s quality of life and positively impact the world we live in – the same can be said about access to energy.

This partnership uses the Arts; a medium of boundless communication, to shine a light on the influence energy has had on the socio-economic and cultural progression of developing communities and markets. Quite beautifully, power access in turn has allowed such creative outlets to take shape and flourish.

The Arts: Energy Partnership wishes to celebrate the links between the design world and the energy sector. Artists’ working hours, choice of material and visual interpretation are directly linked to their ability to access electricity, and for this purpose, EnergyNet is excited to showcase such incredible representations to our international partners.

We welcome you to join us on our electrifying journey.

If you have an example of how energy access has empowered artistic expression, we’d love to hear about it. Our contact details are below.

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2017 Energy Photo of the Year Competition

EnergyNet's annual Photo Competition is one of our most inspiring Arts projects. This competition gives our clients the opportunity to submit their most inspirational images of energy access and power projects.

The purpose of the competition is to showcase current power projects taking place throughout Africa, and to reinforce the idea that energy access cannot only transform an individual life but that of entire communities. The competition is an opportunity to present snapshots of creativity which come in the forms of energy access or as a result of it.

We will be announcing submission dates for 2017's Competition very soon. Keep a look out for updates.

If you would like to enter the competition or find out more information, contact:


For some inspiration, take a look at our 2016 winning photo entries:




AABRU ART Partnership


EnergyNet's Managing Director Simon Gosling and Anshu Bahanda, Founder of Aabru Arts, caught up with CNBC Africa to discuss how the partnership came about, and what it sets out to achieve. 

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“I am very pleased about the Aabru Art:EnergyNet partnership. This is part of our commitment to helping the artists with what we understand is one of their biggest problems – energy access! Art is about making a difference to the world that we live in – and so is power.
At Aabru Art we have the privilege of working with some amazing African artists, producing pieces that will go down in history and become legendary. We would love to share these pieces with you and to hear your views on our art and artists.” Anshu Bahanda, Founder, Aabru Art.
For more information about the Arts Energy Partnerships and how to get involved please contact: 
For more information about any of the above pieces or about Aabru Art and the artists they work with:
Contact: Anshu Bahanda: