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Latin America & Caribbean Gas Options | 16 - 17 November 2017 | Panama

Linking Global Gas Markets from the Context of Latin America & the Caribbean

The Latin America & Caribbean Gas Options (LACGO) will gather some of the most exciting Latin American and Caribbean gas markets together to address the future of gas for power in the region. This meeting will address the appetite for gas for power, governments’ strategies and infrastructure requirements to enable the sector's growth.

Latest agenda confirmations include:

  • National Secretariat of Energy in Panama
  • Ministry of Energy and Mines in Guatemala
  • Centro Nacional de Control del Gas Natural (CENAGAS) in Mexico
  • Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE) in Brazil
  • Modec and Banistmo confirmed as sponsors of the Forum
  • International Gas Union (IGU) becomes official partner- the largest natural gas organization in the world representing about 97% of the world gas market
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to officially endorse the meeting

Read the latest press release to find out more

Intro copy: 

Latin America & Caribbean Gas Options | 16 - 17 November 2017 | Panama

Linking Global Gas Markets from the Context of Latin America & the Caribbean

The Latin America & Caribbean Gas Options (LACGO) will gather some of the most exciting Latin American and Caribbean gas markets together to address the future of gas for power in the region. This meeting will address the appetite for gas for power, governments’ strategies and infrastructure requirements to enable the sector's growth.

Latest agenda confirmations include:

  • National Secretariat of Energy in Panama
  • Ministry of Energy and Mines in Guatemala
  • Centro Nacional de Control del Gas Natural (CENAGAS) in Mexico
  • Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE) in Brazil
  • Modec and Banistmo confirmed as sponsors of the Forum
  • International Gas Union (IGU) becomes official partner- the largest natural gas organization in the world representing about 97% of the world gas market
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to officially endorse the meeting

Read the latest press release to find out more

What will the meeting cover?

The Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options meeting will discuss gas cooperation for the LAC region with regional and international partners along the gas value chain. LACGO will showcase gas procurement and utilisation strategies, bringing together a global gathering of energy leaders to enable Latin America and the Caribbean regions to achieve their gas potential.

Why Panama?

Panama has been chosen as a strategic location to host this investors’ gathering considering its potential to become a gas hub for the region. As the Panama Government states, the expansion of the Panama Canal - completed in June 2016 - aims at increasing the Canal’s capacity, allowing for the transit of larger vessels.

Canal authorities are also studying the possibility of building an LNG receiving terminal both for local power generation and with the aim of bunkering to provide LNG for ship borne propulsion. This move would further entrench Panama’s role in the new LNG market, both in the region and the world.

This project will act as an anchor for the multiple efforts that are being made by national, multilateral and private institutions to enable the regulatory framework and technical conditions needed to facilitate the advancement of a structured gas market at both national and regional levels.

Download the brochure for the Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options meeting

Gas Industry in LAC Region

The advantages of natural gas as a substitute for coal and liquid fuels suggest that this source will significantly increase its share in the world and regional energy matrices in the next few decades.

The International Energy Agency estimates that gas fired generation in Central and South America will increase by an average of 2.2 per cent a year, and that natural gas will take an increased share of total electricity generation, rising from 22 per cent in 2007 to 29 per cent in 2035.

The advances in technology - in particular developments related to small scale liquefaction and regasification - are enabling investments and generating a paradigm shift in natural gas monetization schemes in Latin America, facilitating the conditions for gas integration in Central America and the Caribbean.

Although there is positive will from both public and private sector to strengthen the use of natural gas in these countries, uncertainties remain with regards to countries’ strategies to enable this process.

Topics to be discussed at LACGO 2017

  • Gas in the energy mix: South Cone, Central America and the Caribbean
  • Import and Export – Shale and LNG
  • Infrastructure and Technology in Latin America and Caribbean Gas 
  • Supply Contracts
  • Financing Options in the region
  • Panama’s Role in the Regional Gas for Power Industry 

Latin America Energy Insights

Latin America energy Insights is the E-book published by EnergyNet ahead of the Latin America Energy Forum in March 2017. The publication is a collection of insights and reports from the energy industry leaders working in Latin America. Interviewed prior to speaking at the Forum, they gave an overview of the opportunities that exist for investors, but also challenges and factors needed to drive forward project development in the region.

Download the E-book

Country snapshots


Southern Gas Pipeline: The Peruvian Government will name a contractor for maintenance of the existing works and has announced its desire to call a new tender within nine months 
In February 2017, CNPC Peru S.A. started the exploitation phase of Block 58, where it holds a 100% interest following an announcement in November 2016 that Block 58 (Camisea basin) holds 3.9 TCFs of natural gas reserves. The company must now begin the construction of production facilities and evaluation of the most suitable transportation pipeline. It is worth noting that the Peruvian Government was expecting CNPC Peru S.A. to use the now defunct Gasoducto Sur Peruano pipeline, and must now either accommodate a new transporter concessionaire to match the expectations of CNPC Peru S.A. or relaunch the project.
Progress is being made in relation to the Gás para Crescer (“Gas for Growth”) initiative to transform the country’s natural gas sector by reducing the role of Petrobras and opening up the market. A resolution by the CNPE, resolution nº 10 of 14 December 2016, was published in the Brazilian Official Gazette in April. The resolution outlines the strategic aims of the policy, such as introducing international best practices, attracting investment, and promoting active, diverse and competitive sector participation


Ecopetrol announced a gas discovery in the Caribbean Sea at its Purple Angel 1 well. The exploration of this block is a result of a partnership between the company and Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum, each party holding a 50 percent interest.

Accordingly, as part of a strategy to increase its presence in the area, Ecopetrol and Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company, Pemex, signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a framework of cooperation that will allow the exchange of technical knowledge, information and experience. Pemex further stated that business development opportunities with diverse segments of the hydrocarbon industry will also be explored.

Soruce: Latin America Quaterly Energy Update, February 2017 and April 2017

LNG Terminals in Latin America and the Caribbean


Source: Regional Association of oil, gas and biofuels sector companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, April 2016

Industry News and Articles

Can Panama become a regional energy hub?

Latin America gas and key issues, Gas Strategies

A New Trade Route for Natural Gas Opens in Panama

Panama Oil and Gas Market Insight and Outlook Report (H2 2015) - Forecasts of Exploration, Production, Refinery, LNG, Storage, Pipeline Projects, Investments, Companies, Trade and Prices

Panama proposed LNG regas projects

Progress so far of a $1 billion Investment 380 MW natural gas plant being built by AES in Colon, Panama


For more information about this meeting or how to get involved in the Latin America and Caribbean Gas options 2017, contact us at LATAM@energynet.co.uk quoting PANAMA

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To find out about speaking opportunities at the Latin America and Caribbean Gas options 2017, please email Talita Covre at Talita.Covre@energynet.co.uk or call +44 207 384 7719


H.E. Gonzalo Tamayo Flores, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Peru, speaking during the Latin Americ: Energy Forum in March 2017 in Washington DC during the session focusing on the Role of Gas for Power: The Strategic Vision


Ariel Yepez
Ariel Yepez
Chief of the Energy Division
Inter-American Development Bank
Michael Ratliff
Michael Ratliff
Managing Director
Global Energy Group, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Puneet Sharma
Puneet Sharma
Vice President, Atlantic Project Development
MODEC International Inc.
Dr Victor Carlos Urrutia
Dr Victor Carlos Urrutia
Executive Secretary
National Secretariat of Energy, Panama
Luis Bertrán Rafecas
Luis Bertrán Rafecas
Secretary General
International Gas Union
David Madero Suárez
David Madero Suárez
Director General
Centro Nacional de Control del Gas Natural (CENAGAS), Mexico
John A. Anderson
John A. Anderson
Director of the Office of Regulation and International Engagement, Office of Fossil Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
Matthew Cline
Matthew Cline
Director, Office of American Affairs
Office of International Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy
Jorge Ciacciarelli
Jorge Ciacciarelli
Executive Secretary
Andrés Schuschny
Andrés Schuschny
Director of Studies, Projects and Information
Jorge Gallon
Jorge Gallon
Senior Investment Officer and Regional O&G Lead for Latin America



Latin America & Caribbean Gas Options latest agenda

For any enquiries about speaking opportunities, please contact Talita Covre.


This meeting will take place in Panama City, Panama
We have arranged preferential rates for our delegates to stay at the chosen hotel.
For availability and preferential rates, please contact LATAM@energynet.co.uk
Visiting Panama City
Panama City, the capital of Panama, is a modern city framed by the Pacific Ocean and man-made Panama Canal. Casco Viejo, its cobblestoned historic center, is famed for colonial-era landmarks like the neoclassical Palacio Presidencial and bougainvillea-filled plazas lined with cafes and bars. The Miraflores Locks offers views of ships traversing the canal, an essential shipping route linking the Atlantic and Pacific.

Why Attend

Why attend?

Taking place in Panama City with its most important for the international trade- Panama Canal, this inaugural meeting will enable discussions at a higher profile and will unveil real opportunities for business development between LATAM and Caribbean companies and organisations and internal investors interested in the region.


Meet carefully selected project developers and investors from around the world in a deal-making environment.

Explore opportunities in different Latin American gas markets, helping companies willing to diversify their portfolio and also exploring cross-border investment opportunities.

Hear about the latest investment trends and get a clear indication of locations of the best investment opportunities in Latin America and Caribbean

Join the workshops presenting some of the biggest financial brains in the industry to provide tangible solutions to financing models for existing projects.


Who will attend?

With the contribution of key Latin American and Caribbean public leaders and private sector stakeholders, and the participation of over 200 senior representatives from the entire power value chain, including government ministers, regulators, heads of utilities, buyers, influencers, technology providers, developers, financiers and donor organisations, the forum is designed to hasten the pace of gas development and anticipate the trends for the region’s energy future.







METKA is a leading international energy sector contractor, working with its clients and partners throughout Africa to bring critical power projects to life. Beyond its core strength in power plant construction, METKA leverages the significant development and management expertise of its group companies – with more than 1200MW in operation – to support projects through development into successful operation.

The company has an extensive track record in combined cycle power plants, with capacity ranging from 20MW up to 1000+ MW, and unique experience in delivering fast-track projects with mobile power generation units. Whatever the most appropriate technology – gas turbine or reciprocating engine - METKA is able to offer the optimum solution for your project.

In the renewables sector, METKA EGN is a world-class EPC / O&M contractor for utility scale solar PV projects, with a customer portfolio including some of the leading investors in the sector. Our references include more than 350MW of medium – large scale PV projects internationally.

Building on over 50 years of experience, METKA has a strong record of successfully executing major power plant projects in emerging markets and is quickly establishing itself as a key player in the African market. 

For more information please visit www.metka.com


MODEC International


Established in 1968, MODEC has been providing competitive floating solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry and is recognized as a leading specialist for FPSOs, FSOs, FLNGs, TLPs, Production Semi-submersibles and MOPUs. MODEC is headquartered in Japan and   listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. MODEC has major subsidiary offices in Singapore, Houston, Brazil as well as shore basis offices in countries where is operates assets.  . MODEC has an excellent track record of EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) projects, so far delivered  42 floating production systems and currently owns 14 FPSOs and 3 FSOs and operates 19 units (includes 2 units owned by others). With over 180 years of accumulate operating experience with over 20 floating production units, MODEC is able to use the valuable knowledge gained to improve our EPCI projects and Operational Services. MODEC has recently expanded its product range to include FSRWPTM (Floating Storage Regasification Water-Desalination & Power-Generation) and its associated systems for Power only and Water only. All Power and Water solutions make use of the abundantly available LNG as a fuel source to bring clean Power and Water either on an IPP (Independent Power Producer), EPCI, BOO (Build, Own and Operate) or BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) basis within 24 months of contract award to any shore.
SOFEC Inc., a MODEC group company established in the United States, is an industry leader in the supply of permanent and disconnectable mooring systems as well as marine terminals for crude oil and product import/export. SOFEC Mooring Systems include spread moorings, internal and external turrets, and tower yoke moorings for tanker based floating production systems (FPSO, FSO, FSRU, FLNG and FSRWPTM). SOFEC has delivered over 100 mooring systems worldwide, and recently delivered the innovative external turret mooring system for PETRONAS’ first FLNG, PFLNG SATU. For more information please visit: http://www.modec.com/

Associate Sponsor

Aggreko is the world leader in the supply of temporary power rentals and has been active in Africa for twenty years. Currently, Aggreko is operating large scale power-projects in countries such as Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Senegal, Benin, Angola and Tanzania.   Operating from 211 world-wide locations, including 9 depots across Africa, Aggreko provides 24/7 customer support for single to multi-megawatt projects for a variety of industries. Aggreko manages the world’s most extensive fleet of containerised generators, loadbanks, transformers and ancillary equipment, allowing for rapid mobilisation to respond to our customer’s planned or emergency power needs.

Commercial Partnership opportunities with the Latin America and Caribbean Gas options 2017

If your company offers products services and solutions to the gas to power sector and you are looking to generate awareness of these services, the Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options will offer your business bespoke sponsorship opportunities to raise your company’s profile, present your business as a thought leader within its field, and provide direct access to senior decision makers already active in within the Latam and Caribbean gas industry.




To discuss a tailor-made package for the Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options 2017 please contact:


 Alex Moulds

Business Development Director 

International +44 (0)7500 702 171






Asociación Chilena de Energía Solar, ACESOL

Association Partner

The Chilean Association of Solar Energy AG, ACESOL, is today the only Gremial Association that brings together all interested publics and companies in promoting the development of solar energy in Chile, in order to represent them, keep them informed and collaborate in the positioning of This energy of which we have tremendous potential. We aspire to make solar energy the main source of primary energy in Chile. We promote the massive use of Solar Energy, supporting a diversified and clean matrix. We promote the advantages of using solar energy in all areas of the economy.
We keep up-to-date information on progress in the area of research and development; We support the projects that aim at this area. We help create citizen awareness about the advantage of taking advantage of the great solar potential that our country has.
We contribute to the development of standards, procedures and requirements for the quality of products, systems and activities of the industry, under the best international standards. We encourage the development of good practice manuals for the design, installation and use of solar systems.
We encourage and support competent institutions to carry out training and improvement courses for technicians and professionals who work in this area. We coordinate to generate incentives that contribute to improve the quality of life of the sectors of scarce resources through Solar Energy.
We work with the authorities to generate adequate policies (such as netmetering, impulse of distributed generation, compulsory solar installations in social housing and financing systems) to contribute to the mass use of solar energy. Also, that aim to eliminate the barriers of access and tenders and projects.
REvista Negocios & Petroleo

Media Partner

The Business & Oil Magazine was born from the need to inform the mining and energy sector on the events occurring around it. Our interest is to provide businesses, governments, organizations and all those involved with the world of hydrocarbons, with complete, truthful and useful information to strengthen communication processes and information from the sctor.
With more than three years of free quarterly circulation, Magazine Business and Petroleum has approximately 100,000 readers in Colombia, 30,000 in other countries in Latin America and more than three thousand followers on social networks. This added to its presence in national and international industry events, and allowed it to become a major information platform in the sector. www.negociosypetroleo.com
La Revista Negocios & Petróleo nace de la necesidad de informar al sector minero energético sobre los acontecimientos que ocurren alrededor del mismo. Nuestro interés es brindar a empresarios, gobiernos, organizaciones y todos quienes están involucrados con el mundo de los hidrocarburos, información completa, veraz y útil para fortalecer los procesos de comunicación desde y hacia el sector.
Con más de tres años de circulación trimestral gratuita, Revista Negocios y Petróleo cuenta con aproximadamente 100 mil lectores en Colombia, 30.000 en otros países de América Latina y más de tres mil seguidores en redes sociales. Esto, sumado a su presencia en eventos sectoriales nacionales e internacionales le han permitido consolidarse como una importante ventana informativa del sector. www.negociosypetroleo.com

Endorsing Partner

USTDA provides grant-based project planning assistance to mobilize capital for infrastructure in developing and middle-income countries

Key Capabilities:

• Supports feasibility studies and pilot projects to provide the required comprehensive analysis for major infrastructure projects to achieve successful financing and implementation

• Provides technical assistance to support legal and regulatory reform related to commercial activities and infrastructure development, the establishment of industry standards, and other market-opening activities

• Hosts reverse trade missions to the U.S. for overseas project sponsors to observe the design, manufacturing, demonstration and operation of American products and services which can help the officials achieve their development goals

• Provides grant-based project planning through the U.S. Africa Clean Energy Finance initiative


Revista Energiminas

Media Partner

ENERGIMINAS is one of the most important Peruvian magazines specialized in mining and energy issues. Its target audience is senior executives, professionals and managers, operators and suppliers of these sectors. It has eight years of circulation, 5000 copies and a strong presence in the virtual world and social networking.
Energy Business Review


EBR (Energy Business Review) is a well established online knowledge portal for the entire energy community, covering Oil & Gas, Power and Mining. It has an audience of over one million hits a year in addition to more than 150,000 registered, opt-in subscribers across the group. Each industry sector has its own landing page with homepages and network sites drilling down into the relevant subsectors, providing you with the latest industry news, whitepapers, feature articles, suppliers directory, newsletters, and more. For the latest industry news and technical papers or to sign up to our free newsletter visit: http://bit.ly/2ryUO87


Media Partner

FocusEconomics is a leading provider of economic analysis and forecasts for 127 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, as well as price forecasts for 33 key commodities. The company is supported by an extensive global network of analysts. Since its launch in 1999, FocusEconomics has established a solid reputation as a reliable source for timely and accurate business intelligence among Clients from a variety of industries, including the world's major financial institutions, multinational companies and government agencies.
Revista Energia

Media Partner

Somos un puente entre las empresas del rubro energético y las comunidades, abarcamos el contexto local, nacional e internacional a través de nuestras dos principales plataformas: REVISTA ENERGÍA y www.revistaenergia.cl.

En ese contexto, el foco editorial está en aquellos temas que son de interés compartido, con un lenguaje que permite comprender el contenido sin discriminar características profesionales, sociales, geográficas o económicas, particularidad que nos ubica entre el sector empresarial y las personas, cumpliendo con objetivos centrales en el desarrollo económico de nuestro país: la responsabilidad social empresarial (RSE), valor compartido y participación ciudadana.

REVISTA ENERGÍA se constituye así como un espacio de diálogo para hombres y mujeres entre quienes toman decisiones, aquellos que gustan de conocer y aprender nuevos temas contingentes, buscan tener una visión estratégica frente a las demandas del país y, por lo tanto, se mantienen al día con las novedades de la industria. Altos ejecutivos como gerentes, inversionistas, directores de la industria energética y minera; especialistas y proveedores de áreas como tecnología, equipos, medioambiente, seguridad, mantenimiento, electricidad, mecánica, procesos, adquisiciones, eficiencia energética e innovación se unen a través del PUENTE ENERGÉTICO con asociaciones gremiales, representantes de pueblos originarios, autoridades locales y nacionales, la academia, entre otros stakeholders.


We are a bridge between energy companies and communities, we cover the local, national and international context through our two main platforms: ENERGÍA MAGAZINE and www.revistaenergia.cl.

In this context, the editorial focus is on those topics that are of shared interest, with a language that allows us to understand the content without discriminating professional, social, geographical or economic characteristics, particularity that places us between the business sector and people, fulfilling Central objectives in the economic development of our country: corporate social responsibility (CSR), shared value and citizen participation.

ENERGÍA MAGAZINE is thus a space for dialogue between men and women who make decisions, those who like to know and learn new contingent issues, seek to have a strategic vision against the demands of the country and, therefore, remain at Day with the news of the industry. Senior executives such as managers, investors, directors of the energy and mining industry; Specialists and suppliers of areas such as technology, equipment, environment, safety, maintenance, electricity, mechanics, processes, procurement, energy efficiency and innovation are united through the ENERGY BRIDGE with trade associations, representatives of indigenous peoples, local and national authorities, Academia, among other stakeholders.

Construction Review

Media Partner

Construction Review, www.constructionreviewonline.com, is a leading African monthly construction journal for the construction industry.

For over 20-years the magazine has enjoyed the readership of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, interior designers, developers, building specialists, contractors, landscape architects and contractors, real estate agents and investors, property managers, suppliers to the construction industry, government departments and ministries: local authorities, land surveyors, financial institutions, telecommunication companies etc.  The print edition is distributed in over ten Africa countries with the digital version sent monthly to over 200000 readers in our database.

Mexico Energy Review

Media Partner

More than a publication, our book is a Business 2 Business platform, as it contains 180+ interviews of the top decision makers shaping Mexico's renewable energy and electric industry across its value chain. The book also contains market analyses for each of the 14 chapters to cover the latest tendencies in each branch of the industry. www.mexicoenergyandsustainabilityreview.com

Oil and Gas Innovation

Media Partner

Media Partner 
Oil and Gas Innovation embodies the true driving force of growth in the Oil and Gas sector, innovation.
We are a trusted, established and expert voice in this constantly changing industry. Always on top of the latest trends with in depth analysis of innovative technologies for the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.
We pride ourselves in bringing industry related trends, news and results to our worldwide readers which is otherwise difficult to obtain. We do a great job highlighting your technology, which our readers want and need.

If you are interested in becoming an official media partner or supporting association for this meeting, we would like to hear from you.

Amy Offord
Marketing Manager
T: +44 (0)20 7384 8068



Growing Economies: Latin America Energy Forum 2017

View photos from the Growing Economies: Latin America Energy Forum 2017

_JLA9566.JPG _JLA9418.JPG _JLA9283.JPG JLA_0386.JPG _JLA9687.JPG _JLA9908.JPG JLA_0248.JPG JL2_6461.JPG _JLA9948.JPG _JLA9911.JPG JLA_0341.JPG JLA_0366.JPG _JLA8879_0.JPG _JLA9044_0.JPG _JLA9173_0.JPG _JLA8342_0.JPG _JLA8483_0.JPG _JLA8532_0.JPG _JLA8604_0.JPG _JLA8622_0.JPG _JLA8664_0.JPG _JLA8708_0.JPG _JLA8852_0.JPG


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For more information on how to get involved with the Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options 2017 please contact us:
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Production Manager
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Find the latest international perspectives, interviews and articles about the energy sectors of emerging markets around the world. This content is gathered at our annual meetings, from our sponsors and partners and aggregated from credible sources. 

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Latest New



Global LNG trade reaches record 258 millin mt in 2016


EIB mulls USD 150m loan for Enel Green projects in Peru


LNG Industry Outlook in South America and Caribbean to 2021


Why Bolivia holds the key to Latin America's future LNG demand


Interview corner

Scott Eisner, President of the U.S.-Africa Business Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, talks to the Africa Energy Forum about economic diversification and the importance of energy access as a key for industrialisation and growth potential.


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Our meetings

EnergyNet has been producing investment forums and executive dialogues for the power sectors within emerging markets for the last 18 years.

We work with a host of different governments and national utilities to facilitate investment summits where international investors can build relationships with credible public sector stakeholders to advance access to power. 

The Growing Economies Series was launched in 2016 to address the vast opportunities for investment into Latin America’s energy sector. Following the success of the first Growing Economies Energy Forum in London 2016, EnergyNet launched the Latin America Energy Forum (Washington DC 2017), the Pacific Alliance Energy Forum (September 2017) and the Latin America & Caribbean Gas Options (November 2017).

Projects and initiatives

Over the last few years EnergyNet has developed a number of projects which highlight the importance of energy in emerging markets and serve as a reminder of the human impact of access to energy.

These projects include the EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative (ESEI), designed to promote human capital development and job creation across the power and energy infrastructure sectors, and the Arts Energy Partnership - showcasing the relationship between energy access and creative potential in emerging markets.

The Off the Grid Club is a membership programme utilising our relationships and network to fast track deals between credible off grid technology providers, micro finance institutions and community leaders across the world in areas desperate for access to energy. This programme enables members to get their product to market much quicker and with credible partners.

Our team spend over 220 days a year travelling to meet stakeholders across emerging markets, so relationships and investor insights are both our business and our passion.

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