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Egypy Energy Investment Summit

21-23 February 2017, Cairo


Following the success of the 1st  Egypt Energy Investment Summit, the meeting will once again come to Cairo between 21th and 23rd February 2017. Egypt’s government, regulators and public sector stakeholders will gather to look into strategies to increase private investment into Egypt's power sector and discuss the private sector’s role in recently agreed power and infrastructure development deals.


We look forward to you joining the dialogue on one of the most exciting energy investment destinations in the world. 


With thanks to the Egypt Energy Investment Summit 2016 partners:



Why now?

Over the last five years, Egypt has changed considerably - both politically and in regards to its energy needs. The success of the government to initiate its investment strategy has been both swift and effective. 

It is therefore critical for investors to understand from the government the priority focus of investment, and the longer term guarantees being provided to protect international investment.

No previous forum will have provided such a focused platform for investment generation into Egypt, re-igniting the success of its industrial sectors and contributing significantly to employment and energy access for all Egyptians.

What's happening in the sector?

With a chronic electricity supply shortage, Egypt is in desperate need of additional generation capacity of 13 GW to meet soaring domestic power demands over the next five years.

Considering its vast array of natural resources the country is poised to become one of Africa’s leading renewable energy markets; the solar PV and wind markets are estimated to each grow to around 2 to 3 GW over the next 5 years.


Egypt has a goal of increasing its share of new & renewable energy to 20% by 2020 (the country will procure 4.3 GW of solar and wind power production by 2017), and is also seeking to diversify its energy mix by using coal to fuel power plants. As a result, the Egyptian government is ready to explore partnerships with international investors and developers who can contribute to making these energy goals a reality.

Investor confidence is growing following the success of renewable energy tenders earlier this year, and boosted by an investment of US$17 billion into the country’s oil & gas sector by foreign oil companies.


The government is putting into action revolutionary measures to increase companies’ appetites to invest and engage with the gas sector. Recent gas field discoveries and regulatory changes are making Egypt’s gas sector a must-be place for both suppliers and investors.
In order to provide a reliable supply to a massive energy demand, Egypt is looking for a balanced diversification of its energy mix. Coal is planned to contribute by generating 10% of Egypt’s energy capacity by 2030. Over the next three years, the EEHC wants to award contracts for 12.5 GW of coal-fired power generation.


Egypt at the Africa Energy Forum 2015

The Africa Energy Forum - the most established and largest c-suite investment conference for Africa' s power sector- put Egypt under the spotlight this year in a focused panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities currently facing the country's power sector.

Watch Parts 1 & 2 of the session footage from AEF 2015

Industry Reports

Download the Egypt Energy Efficiency Country Profile

Download the Egypt Renewable Energy Profile

Download the AfDB Clean Energy in Egypt Report

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Topics at the meeting will focus on the below themes. Keep updated on the agenda as it develops by joining our mailing list
The Public -Private Sector Investor Relationship – Returning Egypt to ‘Power’
  • Over the last 10yrs Egypt has redefined its investment landscape and is seeing massive projects and partnerships being signed with some of the world’s most technologically advance businesses.
  • How is the public sector driving forward reforms that are facilitating such deals and how are these multibillion deals opening up Egypt’s electricity sector for broader investment?
  • Should we be talking ‘smart cities’?
  • How much investment in transmission is required and what will be the role of the private sector to deliver this?
Egypt’s Renewable Energy Revolution
  • Egypt has bold and ambitious aspirations to increase its share of renewable energy to 20% of its total energy mix by the year 2020. How will this be achieved?
  • What regional cooperation is needed to support these aspirations? 
  • Is there potential for an REIPPP programme like South Africa’s hugely successful offering?
  • What does the tariff structure look like to support such a programme in Egypt?
Egypt’s Gas Sector: New Aspirations
  • Once a huge gas exporter, Egypt now looks to utilise its gas resources for generating power for domestic and industrial output. What’s the anchor programme for gas investment?
  • Following recent discoveries like the Zohr gas field, Egypt could become a gas hub in the Eastern Mediterranean with an export corridor to Europe, what is the potential scale of the opportunity for investors?
Financing Egypt’s Energy and Industrial Expansion
  • Egypt has overcome challenging times to position itself as transparent and open for business; how has the project financing sector adapted to support the aspirations of investors?
  • What are the effects of the power purchase agreement tariff and exchange rates on operations?
  • What will be the role of MIGA and government backed guarantees to secure investment?
  • How much capacity is there in the local banking/financing sector to fund the gap?
  • What opportunities exist for international financiers? 
Power To Drive Egypt’s Economic and Social Development
  • How important is the development of the energy sector for social and political stability? How can it transform Egypt? 
  • Are international participants/investors doing enough? 
  • Economically, socially and environmentally sustainable infrastructure and power investments, can they actually enhance investor profits and reduce risk?
  • What recent progress has been made in the development of the power sector with specific projects and has this translated into economic and social development?

To submit a topic or register interest in a speaking opportunity at this meeting, please drop us an email



The Egypt Energy Investment Summit was held at the Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo



EnergyNet brings to Egypt a host of established financiers and developers working in Africa’s energy sector, so you can be sure to connect with only the most credible partners during this two-day meeting.
  • Participate in a focused, investment-level platform to explore opportunities to develop Egypt’s power and industrial sectors 
  • Discuss insights with investors and public sector leaders to gain a genuine overview of the landscape for investment in 2015
  • Egypt Power Project Show Case – detailed case studies will explore the critical success factors in getting projects off the ground, and what the major trends will be in the energy sector over the next 5-10 years
  • Network with leading power developers, investors and technology and solution providers at a business development lunch, coffee break or champagne reception
  • The world largest investment forum for Africa’s power sector, the Africa Energy Forum's Egypt session this year proved overwhelmingly popular - participate in our first meeting in North Africa to take advantage of EnergyNet's global network of African focused investors and developers



Orascom Construction (OC)

Country Sponsor 

Orascom Construction (OC) is a leading global engineering and construction contractor primarily focused on infrastructure, industrial and high-end commercial projects in the Middle East, North Africa, the United States, and the Pacific Rim for public and private clients. The Company also develops and invests in infrastructure opportunities. OC employs approximately 53,000 people worldwide and is dually listed on NASDAQ Dubai and the Egyptian Exchange. 
The Company has grown from operating in 4 countries in the 1990s to having investments and operations in over 10 countries today. It is ranked number 67 on ENR’s Top 250 International Contractors list published on August 2014. 
We have a strong track record of completing several landmark projects, having invested in developing a wide range of core competencies that enhance our competitiveness. Our extensive track record includes the construction of over 50 million tons per annum of cement and fertilizer production capacity around the world, the first PPP wastewater treatment plant and solar power plant in Egypt, and the largest water desalination plant in Africa.   
We have a successful history of creating shareholder value by identifying and pursuing new investment opportunities. We are currently developing a privately-owned coal-fired power plant in Egypt as part of a consortium with Abu Dhabi-based International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC). The coal-fired power plant is expected to have a power generation capacity of approximately 3,000 MW.   
We strive to be a valued contributor to the economic and social progress of the communities in which we operate. We take pride in our shared achievements on every project and are proud of the contribution our success makes towards social and economic progress in our region.
For more information on Orascom Construction, please visit
أوراسكوم للإنشاء (Orascom Construction) هي شركة مقاولات عالمية رائدة في مجال الهندسة والبناء تتركز أعمالها في مشاريع البنية التحتية والمشاريع الصناعية والمباني الحديثة في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا والولايات المتحدة الأمريكية والدول المطلة على المحيط الهادي (Pacific Rim) لعملاء من القطاعين العام والخاص. 
كما تقوم أيضاً بالاستثمار في مشروعات البنية التحتية.
وللشركة حوالى 53.000 موظف في جميع أنحاء العالم. وهي أيضاً مدرجة في بورصة ناسداك دبي (NASDAQ Dubai) وأيضاً في البورصة المصرية.
ولقد توسعت أوراسكوم للإنشاء حتى أصبح لها الآن تواجد في أكثر من 10 دول، بعد أن كانت تعمل في 4 دول فقط في التسعينات. 
وكذلك تحتل أوراسكوم للإنشاء على المرتبة الـ 67 بين أفضل 250 مقاول دولي، وفقاً لتصنيف قامت به مجلة ENR الأمريكية نشرته في أغسطس 2014.
وتحظى أوراسكوم للإنشاء بسجل حافل في تنفيذ المشاريع المتميزة، حيث استثمرت في تطوير العديد من الكفاءات الأساسية التي من دورها أن تعزز من قدرتها التنافسية.
وتشمل سابقة أعمالها  إنشاء محطات لإنتاج الأسمنت والأسمدة حول العالم بقدرة تزيد عن 50 مليون طن في العام، وأول محطة لتنقية مياه الصرف الصحي على أساس مشاركة القطاع العام والخاص PPP وأول محطة للطاقة الشمسية في مصر، وأيضاً أكبر محطة لتحلية مياه البحر في أفريقيا.
كما أثبتت الشركة نجاحها في خلق القيمة المضافة لحاملي الأسهم، وذلك من خلال إيجادها المتواصل لفرص استثمارية جديدة. 
وتقوم أوراسكوم للإنشاء حالياً بتطوير محطة لتوليد الكهرباء بالفحم مملوكة للقطاع الخاص في مصر من خلال مشاركتها في كونسورتيوم مع شركة الاستثمارات البترولیة الدولیة (ایبیك) ومقرها أبوظبي. ومن المتوقع أن تبلغ سعتها حوالى 3000 ميجاوات.
وتفخر الشركة بمساهمة مشاريعها بشكل كبير في التنمية الاجتماعية والاقتصادية في المنطقة.
لمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى زيارة موقعنا:
Manitoba Hydro

Strategic partner

Manitoba Hydro International (MHI) assists clients around the world to deliver electricity and natural gas efficiently, effectively, and in a sustainable manner. As a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest and longest-standing energy utilities in Canada, MHI has provided utility infrastructure management, consulting, and training services to over 75 countries.

MHI’s parent company, Manitoba Hydro, is a vertically integrated, provincial Crown Corporation. Manitoba Hydro is involved in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of all elements of electricity and natural gas infrastructure.

MHI’s management and project teams have gained unprecedented knowledge and project expertise, through prolonged experience implementing successful projects. Leveraging international experience and the parent utility’s methods and technologies, MHI offers real solutions and true value to clients around the world.

For nearly 30 years, MHI has established itself as an ethical, environmentally responsible provider of high-quality utility services to the international energy sector.

Midal Cables

Strategic partner

Midal Cables Limited was established in 1977 in Bahrain, to manufacture Aluminum wire Rod and Overhead Electrical Transmission Cables.
Since then, the company has developed into a significant player in the Aluminuum wire rod and Electrical Transmission Industry in Bahrain, the GCC and around the world. Manufacturing locations in Bahrain, Turkey, Australia, Saudi Arabia and now most recently in Mozambique have boosted capacity to 435,000MT, making Midal the world’s largest producer of aluminum wire rod.
Midal has participated in numerous power transmission and distribution projects, meeting the most stringent technical standards and supply requirements. The company has continued a policy of investment in the most up-to-date Technology at its manufacturing facilities and has put a great emphasis on work force training to ensure technical excellence in its products.
Midal Cables International Lda, Mozambique, was established in 2013 with a capacity of 50,000MT per annum to cater to the growing demands of the African market. The plant sources high quality  metal from the adjescent, Mozal smelter and benifits from the latest equipment in the industry as well as the best practices of the Group
After 38 Years of Success, Midal Cables Limited is still looking forward to continuous growth and improvement in its business processes. 
Please visit for more details.
Schneider Electric

Strategic partner

As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in utilities and infrastructure, industries and machines manufacturers, non-residential building, data centres and networks and in residential.

Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, the group's 140,000 plus employees achieved sales of 24 billion euros in 2012, through an active commitment to help individuals and organisations make the most of their energy.

Schneider Electric is fully committed to meeting the sustainable development demands of the 21st century, with less consumption, more effective production, improving energy efficiency and protecting the environment remaining central concerns for the company.

Another major challenge for the group is to facilitate access to electricity in emerging countries by providing appropriate products and solutions, as well as training in its professions.


Sustainability Partner 

ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting and sustainability related services. We have over 160 offices in 40 countries and territories employing more than 5,000 people.

We deliver sustainable solutions which balance environmental concerns with management, economic, technological and social needs. This enables our clients to maximise revenues, comply with regulations, improve performance and enhance their corporate reputation and public perception.

We have extensive experience supporting the energy industry across the African continent. Our offices in Africa are in Kenya (Nairobi), Mozambique (Maputo) and South Africa (Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg).

Scatec Solar

Associate Partner

Scatec Solar is an integrated independent solar power producer, delivering affordable, rapidly deployable and sustainable source of clean energy worldwide. A long term player, Scatec Solar develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains solar power plants, and already has an installation track record of close to 600 MW.
Currently, the company is producing electricity from 383 MW of solar power plants in the Czech Republic, South Africa, Rwanda, Honduras and the US. Construction of additional 43 MW solar power plants in Jordan is under way. With an established global presence, the company is growing briskly with a project backlog and pipeline of more than 1.5 GW under development in the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Scatec Solar is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Associate Partner

Aggreko is the world leader in the supply of temporary power rentals and has been active in Africa for twenty years. Currently, Aggreko is operating large scale power-projects in countries such as Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Senegal, Benin, Angola and Tanzania.   Operating from 211 world-wide locations, including 9 depots across Africa, Aggreko provides 24/7 customer support for single to multi-megawatt projects for a variety of industries. Aggreko manages the world’s most extensive fleet of containerised generators, loadbanks, transformers and ancillary equipment, allowing for rapid mobilisation to respond to our customer’s planned or emergency power needs.


Associate Partner

Powerphase develops patented systems that help power plants use air more efficiently in both the storage and production of energy. The Company’s flagship product, named Turbophase, is a patented, modular system that generates incremental, continuous capacity, at all ambient conditions, from existing or newly built combustion turbine power plants. Turbophase systems have a capital cost advantage in all global markets.
Powerphase has deployed a Turbophase system on a 7FA Gas Turbine in the Middle East. Powerphase installed the upgrade in just 4 months in order to meet the summer peak load requirements. The Turbophase system demonstrated capability for 5.0% fuel efficiency improvement and 31.5MW power increase on the 7FA gas turbine. The system demonstrated as high as 99.3% availability in ambient conditions up to 55ºC. The fuel efficiency improvement was demonstrated at both base-load and part-load operating conditions.
A Platform to develop your business
The Egypt Energy Investment Summit offers your business an effective and relevant platform to engage with government, investors and senior stakeholders in the power project value chain and to develop lasting and credible relationships with key industry decision makers.
Our exclusive sponsor partnerships provide extensive visibility for your company and brand and align your business firmly in the power space with the opportunity to build brand equity in an industry and country that has seen rapid and consistent growth over the last 4 years.
EnergyNet is proud to facilitate innovation and collaboration and invite your business to join us in creating and developing vital power projects.
You can be assured of the opportunity to influence the thinking and strategy of both the public and private sector players and gain strong commercial value in the lead up to and during the conference.
A Commerial Partnership offers you the chance to:
  • Raise brand awareness and create preference
  • Create positive PR and raise awareness of your organisation
  • Provide attractive content for a range of products and services
  • Build or reinforce brand positioning through associative imagery
  • Support a specific sales promotion campaign
  • Act as corporate hospitality that promotes good relations with clients
For further information on the commercial partnership options for Egypt Energy Investment Summit 2017, and to discuss how we can create an effective solution which is in line with your budget and objectives for this important investment meeting please contact:
Alex Moulds
Business Development Director
+44 (0)20 7384 8009



(Officially) Endorsed by

Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EgyptERA) is a legal entity affiliated to the Minister of Electricity and Energy. It regulates, supervises, and controls all matters related to electricity.
Egypt ERA’s Vision: Upgrading the electricity sector and it’s services in accordance with international standards, this help in the existence of competitive electricity market, achieving the best price with the highest level of service, attaining regional cooperation through the compatibility with other countries, establish the principles of nondiscrimination, emphasis on free competition taken under by predictable decisions, work on consumer protection through the transparency of performance and ensure a balanced relationship between suppliers and consumers. It also encourages investments in the electricity sector through provision of the infrastructure investment on economic fundamentals and stimulate investing in the renewable energies. 
Egypt ERA’s Mission: Follow up and monitor all the activities of electrical energy production, transmission and distribution, in order to ensure the availability and continuity in meeting the requirements of different usage at a reasonable price and preserved environment, this could be achieved by setting rules and regulations for the electrical energy providers and consumers in order to achieve the transparency of performance and prevent monopolistic competition. 
Egypt ERA’s Objectives: The Agency aims organizing, follow up and monitor all the activities of electrical energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption, ensuring the availability and continuity to meet the requirements of different usage at a reasonable price and preserved environment, considering the interest of the producer, transporter, distributer and the consumer of electricity, adapting fair competition in the activities of electrical energy production, transmission and distribution.

(Officially) Endorsed by

The Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) is an independent not-for-profit regional organization which aims to enable and increase the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency practices in the Arab region. RCREEE teams with regional governments and global organizations to initiate and lead clean energy policy dialogues, strategies, technologies and capacity development in order to increase Arab states’ share of tomorrow’s energy.
Through its solid alliance with the League of Arab States, RCREEE is committed to tackle each country’s specific needs and objectives through collaborating with Arab policy makers, businesses, international organizations and academic communities in key work areas: capacity development and learning, policies and regulations, research and statistics, and technical assistance.  The center is also involved in various local and regional projects and initiatives that are tailored to specific objectives.
Having today 16 Arab countries among its members, RCREEE strives to lead renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives and expertise in all Arab states based on five core strategic impact areas: facts and figures, policies, people, institutions, and finance.
RCREEE is financed through its member state contributions, government grants provided by Germany through the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH, Denmark through the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), and Egypt through the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA).  RCREEE is also financed through selected fee-for-service contracts.
Daily News Egypt

Media Partner

Daily News Egypt is a completely independent news provider for Egypt and the wider MENA region. Working with local Arabic sources we provide the English speaking world with an insight into breaking news, in print and online every day of the week. We aim to build our reputation for honest and reliable reporting, to make us a point of reference on Egyptian current affairs for readers all over the world. The newspaper originally launched in 2005.
Business News for press, publishing and Distribution Company obtained the rights to Daily News Egypt in May 2012, in order to reinvest in paper and return it to pinnacle of English language news publishing in Egypt. We provide news articles on politics, business, opinion, tourism articles and interviews. Our team of journalists, editors, photographers and designers are all committed to a high standard of impartial journalism.
Address: 12 Haron st, Dokki, Giza, Egypt
Tel: (+2) 02 37486812 
Mob: (+2) 01016007782
Fax: (+2) 02 37486936
Contact Person: Ayham Beetar
Alborsa News

Media Partner

Alborsa is an Egypt- based daily newspaper that aims to present a diversified media coverage for local and regional economic and financial activities. The coverage would reach out to all interested parties including "Business men, Stock market investors, Policy makers, Researchers and Bankers"
Address: 12A Haroun st., Dokki, Giza
Tel: +2 02 37486812
The Egyptian Exchange

Supported by

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the region.  Functioning in Alexandria & Cairo, EGX has one trading system and managed by one board of directors chaired by Dr. Mohamed Omran. 
With over 250 companies listed in EGX main market and NILEX (The market for small & medium enterprises) and 146 Brokerage firms, The Egyptian Exchange market cap is around L.E. 420 Billion in 2015.
The mission of EGX is to operate and develop a high quality market for the benefits of its Egyptian and international clients, in order to be a World-Class, Egypt-based Exchange: the Premier Capital Market in the Middle East & North Africa Region that best serves its stakeholders.  
EGX  objectives are  Developing the Legislative Infrastructure, reinforcing the Exchange’s role in Economic and Social Development, enhancing social awareness, Enhancing the IT and Technological 
In order to reach those objectives, EGX, in cooperation with the capital market aims to devise a realistic and feasible strategy mainly focusing on how to tackle the existing challenges and upgrade EGX position from being a traditional market to a modern market.

Supported by

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region (REMENA), International Master of Science (M.Sc.) program.
Renewable energies and energy efficiency are the basis for a sustainable energy policy and render possible new ways for implementing the Energiewende in the framework of international cooperation in Europe and, in particular, in Germany. For the projects, experts are needed who have skills and knowledge in both technology and economy, but also in language, society and politics in both the Arab and German cultures.  Currently, the huge potential of projects cannot be realized in view of missing experts and graduates from corresponding Master programs.
The objective of the international Master of Science (M.Sc.) program REMENA is to educate German and international students in measures for a sustainable energy sector where the students are expected to have working experience in a corresponding area and hold a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree. The study of renewable energies and energy efficiency requires intensive studies of different theoretic and practical topics in technology, economy, law and intercultural affairs. The REMENA graduates will be experts in different disciplines for future projects in the energy sector with a special focus on the cooperation with countries in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Supported by

Egyptian Renewable Energy Cluster Initiative - ERECI - is an initiative financed by the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research through the RDI Programme. ERECI project aims to set-up a stable cluster organization in the Renewable energy field in order to support the Egyptian industrial development and enhance the partnership among Institutions, researchers and enterprises. The principal purpose of the cluster initiative is to support job growth and new technology development in the strategic field of renewable energy.

Egypt Solar Industry Associations

Supported by

Egypt Solar Industry Association (Egypt-SIA) is a non-governmental association that strives to make Egypt and the GCC region realize the full economic and environmental potential of solar energy. It is one of the ten affiliate countries under the Solar GCC Alliance. This organization seeks to create new solar energy business and employment opportunities in Egypt, and enable collaboration opportunities throughout the GCC region. Population growth and a rapidly-expanding industrial industry are increasing Egypt's energy demand. Egypt has captured the headlines and attention of the solar industry the last several weeks. With 2.3 GW of power to be generated by photovoltaic energy in the next couple of years, the world is taking notice; major international players are coming to Egypt, forming key relations with local enterprises to make this ambitious goal a reality. To get involved, email for membership details.
Solar GCC Alliance

Supported by

The GCC region includes many of the most energy-advantaged countries in the world. While each of these nations shares of vast potential for solar energy, each has its own unique solar business model and cultural identity. 
SolarGCC Alliance exists to encourage each of its affiliate countries to pursue independent solar development, while simultaneously providing an infrastructure for international collaboration. Visit the affiliate sites listed below to learn more about solar initiatives in each member nation. We encourage business, government, and academic institutions in affiliate nations and the international community to join us in our efforts to make the solar potential of the MENA region a reality. To get involved, contact us at
Middle East Solar Industry

Supported by

MESIA is the largest solar trade association in the Middle East and North Africa region . Established in 2009, the association represents over 120 international and local organizations including investors, installers, manufacturers, law firms, consultancies, policymakers and banks. MESIA is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and carries out solar-related activities and programs across the MENA region. Its regional coverage stretches from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, with over 7,600 subscribers. Over the past 5 years, MESIA has organized over 50 industry events focused on strengthening the footprint of solar energy in our region. Along the way, MESIA has won several prestigious awards and been recognized by leading government authorities across the MENA region. MESIA also publishes industry-leading reports which have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the FT. Among its most coveted events are the annual Middle East Solar Awards and the Middle East Solar Pioneers program. To learn more about MESIA visit

Egyptian Junior Business Association

Supported by

The Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) is a non-governmental organization, one of Egypt's premium and most influential business associations, with over than 650 senior and highly successful businessmen and women from different sectors.
EJB main objective are business development, community development, networking and creating business match making between members. The EJB communicates its vision, mission and objectives across the country to all business-related entities including, but not limited to, Ministries, Business Organizations, Business Chambers, Industrial Chambers and Commercial Offices among others. Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) was founded in 1999 by a group of young business executives & entrepreneurs and was registered one year later to count a network of 600 prominent members between 25 to 45 years old representing various business sectors, allowing in excess of 290,000 job opportunities. Vision, Hope and Enthusiasm to achieve sustainable business environment was the basic ignition for EJB to stand today as one of Egypt’s most efficient and competent Business Associations. 
Today: EJB is positioned as one of the strongest, most influential business association in Egypt, with around 600 highly successful members from different sectors all sharing the same vision of reshaping a better, sustainable business environment. To accommodate a wider scale of members from different geographical areas, EJB inaugurated branches in Alex, Delta and Port Said in Q4 2012
 Saudi Egyptian Businessmen Association (SEBA)

Supported by

Saudi Egyptian Businessmen Association is non-governmental and non-profit association. The Chairman of the Board Directors is Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Rajhi. We need this association due to the rapid succession of changes in the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially in the economic side. This progress is supporting the cooperation between the Egyptian and Saudi side. We saw this cooperation in the economic development and investment in all of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is supporting the ways and mechanisms of cooperation between the Businessmen in two countries. Saudi Arabia is helping the Businessmen to overcome any obstacles or impediments may face any one of them. This is to create an appropriate atmosphere to pump more investments in both the Egyptian and the Saudi market. This is for complete the three sides of the triangle that pay wheel of economic growth of any state, (business - the Economic Community of government - civil society). 
Address: 11 Lbanon ST.  - El mohandeseen – Giza - Egypt
Tel: (+2) 02 33033660 
Mob: (+2) 01096950000
Fax: (+2) 02 33033660 
Contact Person: Mahmoud Abd El Aziz
The Egyptian Private Equity Association (EPEA)

Supported by

The Egyptian Private Equity Association (EPEA) is a non-profit seeking association committed to supporting and developing the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry in Egypt and the surrounding region(s). The Association aims to foster private investment in Egypt, as well as to boost communication and knowledge sharing among the region’s private equity and venture capital networks. EPEA seeks to serve as the hub for private equity and venture capital professionals, organizations and stakeholders in Egypt, and be their gateway to the international community and counterparts.  On the local level, EPEA aims to serve the current needs of the local industry in the areas of capacity building, networking and policy advocacy, as well as raise awareness among industry stakeholders about the role of Private equity and venture capital in financing investments and thus enhancing economic growth. On the regional and international levels, EPEA is looking forward to contribute to the growth and development of the industry, through assessing potential opportunities and partnering with similar associations. 
EPEA was founded by a distinguished group of PE & VC industry professionals and reputable institutions, with the aim of creating a unified body to represent the industry and be in charge of its development on the macro level, as well as establishing a local and regional hub to set industry standards in light of international best practices. EPEA members work in task forces / committees in several areas, such as: membership, legal affairs, international relations & alliances, training and awareness, and corporate finance. All committees work together in complete synergy to accomplish the association`s objectives. 
Egyptian Organization for Wind Power Projects

Supported by

We see Egypt is among top countries for wind power projects, covering 20% of its electricity needs from Renewables, about 6 GWs by 2020 with a 50% wind power share, about 3 GWs of wind farms. 
Managements and Administrations for Wind Power Projects
1. Promotion Programs & Activities for Small Wind
2. Training courses for large Wind Power Projects
3. Public Awareness for the Wind Power
4. Building Administrative Structures for Wind Projects
5. Feasibility Studies set up for Wind Power Projects
6. Encouraging and Establishing of Wind Power Projects
To encourage Government and Private sectors to construct Wind Farms to reach 3 GWs by 2020, By catching the steps of the international Renewable Energy programs, Egypt could contribute by adding several wind mega projects specially where there are lots of promising locations at Egypt Wind Atlas, And to promote the 2.4 GW plant, The "High Dam 2" with a 150mw wind farm first stage at El-Minya Eastern Desert.


Egypt Energy Monitor

Media Partner

The Egypt Energy Monitor provides detailed, up-to-date and original industry information on upstream and downstream oil and gas, renewables and the broader power and electricity sector.
It is designed to help companies and other organisations identify business opportunities, track the progress of specific projects, find partners or suppliers, conduct market research and follow developments in the industry. 
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Industry News


By Talita Covre

The Egyptian government to engage DFIs and investors to outline 30GW of energy projects this February

Next month (16 -18 February 2016) Egypt’s government, regulators and public sector stakeholders will discuss the role of DFIs and the private sector to fund and build 30GW of electricity generation, transmission and distribution projects that are about to go to tender, and projects which will require additional investments and partnerships to be completed.        
The Egypt Energy Investment Summit will take place from 16 - 18 February in Cairo, designed to drive forward investments into Egypt’s energy sector. The meeting will cover central issues including the progress in the renewable energy FIT programme, the ‘Build-Own-Operate’ projects and the IPP scheme, showcasing the pro-activeness of government to engage credible investors efficiently and commercially.  
Speaking recently about the signing of the Dairut IPP deal, H. E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker El Markabi, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, said “Egypt is committed to meeting its energy needs and access to electricity to promote economic growth is an absolute priority”. 
Egypt’s National Energy Strategy will also be discussed with all stakeholders including; the New and Renewable Energy Authority, EgyptERA, Egyptian Electricity Holding Company participating, as well as the leading private and international investors Elsewedy, EGAS, World Bank, AfDB, IFC, EBRD, KfW, The Egyptian Exchange, Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB to name a few.
Commenting on the aims of the National Energy Strategy 2035, Eng. Hatem Waheed, Managing Director, Egyptian Electricity Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency says “Egypt will create a highly competitive and proper environment for new investment in conventional and renewable energy and energy efficiency”.
South Africa: Egypt trade relations – South Africa’s Department of Energy and IPP Office will participate at the meeting, sharing experience of their hugely well-received REIPPP Programme and collaborating with Egyptian stakeholders to promote renewable energy development in the country.  Additionally we will focus heavily on the future of Egypt’s gas strategy and discuss what role Egypt could play in South Africa’s Gas IPPP Programme, as well the potential for South African coal in Egypt’s massive Coal IPP Programme.  The scale of this partnership would create a South: East Africa Trade Corridor, drawing in countries such as Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya, boosting agriculture, mining and all sectors, increasing energy access and wealth for billions of people across the region.
“This is such an important meeting, we hope that our long standing partners will take advantage of the platform and contribute to this unparalleled opportunity for energy investors.”
P.S. As with other EnergyNet meetings, this is a private investor meeting to connect the utility, gas company and ministry with the ‘outstanding’ companies that operate on the continent and is not an open forum for non-commercial or businesses operating outside of the electricity investment sector. 
Private investment to lead energy infrastructure development in Egypt
By Talita Covre
Improvements in Egypt’s legislation and regulation through the National Energy Strategy 2035 which is to be announced early next year will turn the country’s plan to add 30GW to the energy mix into a reality. The new strategy foresees a much larger presence of privately owned generation, and the creation of new market sectors to accommodate the increased private engagement.
Considered the historical state ownership of power projects in Egypt, the development of a more liberalised energy market opens unprecedented opportunities for private investors. Mr Atter Hanoura, Head of PPP at Egypt’s Ministry of Finance says that “the New Energy Strategy provides the legal framework to engage private investors. In addition, Egypt’s good reputation is also helping to bring in more investors. We are now trying to promote the private sector’s participation in infrastructure for big projects.”
When we asked about what were the government’s plans to continue stimulating private sector investment, Mr Hanoura briefed that “projects are well studied before they are sent to the market. We hire international experts and urge for a thorough study to assess the feasibility of each project.” 80% of these advisors are financial donors who often finance these activities. Main partners are the IFC, EBRD, AfDB, Islamic Development Bank, World Band and the GIZ.
In addition, Hanoura reminds that through the development of private projects, “all the related approvals and licensing remain registered as a reference. It is an obligation of the government to obtain and maintain the efficiency of these approvals and licenses throughout the project. And if any of these documents expire, they will be renewed until completion of the project”. This mechanism is mainly dedicated as a covering guarantee against risk of cash fluidity, which assures that commitments will be paid on time and according to budget.
As Egypt’s power capacity increases, opportunities for infrastructure development expand into specific needs of each sector. The government is already talking about the need for private investors to develop transmission and grid infrastructure network, which will help to accommodate the large intermittent energy coming from renewable sources. New gas discoveries such as the Zohr Field open further new opportunities for field development, distribution of gas for domestic and industrial supply as well as pipeline infrastructure. The developing coal industry, which is planned to produce 15GW in the next 4 to 5 years, will also need great infrastructure and technical investment. The fact that Egypt is entirely reliant on imports for its coal supplies adds the opportunity to improve port infrastructure where imports are received.
The need of investment in power infrastructure is primary to Egypt as the country invests in increasing and diversifying its energy mix. By opening up its power sector, Egypt has started to engage some of the world’s most technologically advanced businesses which are playing a leading role in helping the country to achieve its power ambitions.
Speaking at the Egypt Energy Investment Summit in Cairo in February 2016, Mr Atter Hanoura, will address the audience to the needs and opportunities for infrastructure development in Egypt. Taking place right at the time when the National Energy Strategy 2035 will be finalised and bringing the leading authorities involved in the strategy’s design, the meeting will put participants ahead of the major developments in Egypt’s power sector and open opportunities for private investors to take part in the country’s privatisation initiatives.
Local manufacturing to play big in Egypt’s power sector
By Talita Covre
Over the past few years, Egypt's electricity sector has lived important changes with regulatory incentives contributing to increase the number of power stations operating in the country while new power projects continue to become available for private investors. Egypt is now taking a further step and investing on developing its own manufacturing industry, in a move that promises to bring economic and social growth for the country while joining global efforts to make the renewables an increasingly more viable option.
Dr Adel Kahlil, coordinator of the Egypt Renewable Energy Cluster, an initiative financed by the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research to support job growth and new technology development, mentions that “currently over 40% of Egypt’s wind farm system is produced locally and it is expected to reach 70% in the coming years. 90-95% of solar water heater systems are produced locally, while PV systems are assembled locally.”
This is the beginning of a trend that will continue to grow in strength and importance in Egypt in the coming decades. The potential of the sector has been attracting international companies like Siemens, who recently invested in building Egypt’s first factory to produce rotor blades for wind turbines. A project that aims to create up to 1000 jobs while increasing Egypt’s power generation capacity by one-third. “Several foreign investors offered to produce PV from silicon, which is available locally,” says Dr Khalil. He argues that the low cost of labour and energy for industrial consumers makes local manufacturing very competitive in Egypt. The big demand for power products and the availability of primary materials such as float glass, steel and stainless steel are other attractive additions to the mix.
This is obviously not an easy task, considered that Egypt wants to develop capacity while still being committed with the long-term requirements the renewables sector. One of the main issues is that the country has focused for a long time on assembling imported components instead of owning the whole manufacturing process. This has increased costs and delayed the development of its own industry. However, the new strategy has become to invest in a more specialised workforce taking into account the long-term benefits of such in investment. 
Programmes such as the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa Region (REMENA), an International Master of Science held by the University of Cairo with the financial support of Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Investment, are a good example of that.
With local content expected to fulfil over 60% of Egypt's renewables sector needs over the next 5 to 10 years and with a power demand that will continue to increase thanks to the very positive outlook for the country's economic future, local manufacturing is definitely going to play a very important role in Egypt's power sector in the years to come.
Dr Khalil will bring the latest information about Egypt's local manufacturing and sustainable development strategies to the Egypt Energy Investment Summit, taking place in Cairo from 16 to 18 February 2016.


Egypt inaugurates the largest wind farm in the Middle East and North Africa
By Talita Covre
Yesterday Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy alongside the New  & Renewable Energy Authority inaugurated the 200 MW Gulf of ElZayt Wind Farm on the west bank of the Gulf of Suez, setting a massive precedent for renewable power development in the region.
The farm will generate up to 800 GWh, enough to power 40,000 households. This will expand the so-needed access to electricity for the Egyptian population in the aftermath of the 2014 energy crisis, when demand dramatically outpaced the available supply. This is a situation Egypt doesn’t want to live anymore and the government’s strong steps towards power development programmes are a great evidence of that.
The Gulf of ElZayt project, which started in 2010 as a cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt, Germany’s KfW, the European Union and the European Investment Bank, demonstrates Egypt’s seriousness about its renewable targets and its willingness to work with international investors taking part in the country’s renewables revolution. At the eve of the Paris Conference on Climate Change, this inauguration talks about an Egypt that is already looking after the renewable’s future, reserving its place among the world’s leaders in renewable power production. Indeed, the plant alone will prevent about 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year.
Dr Mohamed Salah El Sobki, the Executive Chairman of the New & Renewable Energy Authority told EnergyNet that “Egypt targets to achieve 40% of renewables share in its energy mix by 2035.” This project is a great achievement as it increases Egypt’s overall installed wind capacity by 36 percent. Dr Sobki says that this is just the beginning as “a new wind project of 250 MW is about to be signed for and another 250 MW bid is out already.”
Egypt wants to attract private investors to develop its power sector and help to satisfy the high power demand, and the government isn’t sparing efforts to create an attractive investment environment for companies willing to expand into the country. The next step for Egyptian authorities is to define the National Energy Strategy 2035 which will help to enhance private engagement and competitiveness of power production.
The National Energy Strategy 2035 and much more will be discussed at the Egypt Energy Investment Summit that EnergyNet will host in Cairo from 16 to 18 February 2016. The meeting will bring senior national and regional policy makers along with leading international investors to decide together what can be done to create a safe and sustainable power supply environment in Egypt and in the region. With the government to share its new vision for a more open and competitive power industry, regional governments to share their support, new strategies to be developed and new public and private partnerships to be signed, this meeting will accelerate the timer for power development in Egypt and in Africa.
To find out more about the meeting click here