Who we are:

EnergyNet Ltd. organises a global portfolio of energy forums, investment meetings, and collaborative dialogues focused specifically on the power generation and industrial sectors across Africa and Latin America.

With 23 years' market experience, we challenge the way you do business in emerging markets.


What we do

What we do:

Knowledge, passion, detailed research and commercial thinking drive our daily activities so that our content is always ahead of the curve and our speakers are relevant and at the cutting edge of sector developments. 

We need to be proud of what we deliver.


Who we work with

Who we work with:

Energynet works with governments, energy and infrastructure ministries and national utilities across emerging markets, understanding their strategic needs and bringing together solution providers to support those goals. Read more...

Our Portfolio:

Our conferences cover the full spectrum of the energy mix according to the location and specific requirements of each country and region we work in. This includes renewable energy such as solar power, wind and hydropower, downstream gas, LNG & gas to power, coal and nuclear. Find out more about our 2017/18 meetings.


Latest News:

Stay up to date with EnergyNet's monthly blog, keeping you informed about the trips we've taken recently and meetings had with energy leaders. Read the latest press releases featuring sector developments & programme highlights, and watch interviews with decision-makers across Africa & Latin America's power sectors.






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