Who we are:

EnergyNet Ltd. organises a global portfolio of investment meetings, conferences and energy forums focused specifically on the power and industrial sectors across Africa.

We challenge the way your business does business in Africa; the information we provide isn't available on the internet and isn't out of a dusty old textbook.


What we do

What we do:

Knowledge, passion, detailed research and commercial thinking drive our daily activities so that our content is always ahead of the curve and our speakers are relevant and at the cutting edge of sector developments. 

We need to be proud of what we deliver.


Who we work with

Who we work with:

We understand what it takes to work in challenging environment to generate, transmit and distribute power, and how easily millions of dollars are wasted because of changing politics, out of date industry data or simply cultural nuances.


Our Portfolio:

Energynet works with governments, energy and infrastructure project ministries and national utilities across Africa.  We work with our partners to understand their strategic needs and bring together solution providers to support those goals.


Consultancy Services:

At EnergyNet we welcome the opportunity to develop specific content and meetings to help you achieve specific goals.  We will work with you to explore which of our managed energy consulting services will suit your desired outcome, and draw from our global business units to guarantee cutting edge content and relevant buyers and solution providers participate.


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